By Zoe Neuhard and Kiley Winklehake

Impero, Venia, Comitas, verso!

Order, kindness, and elegance over all

Reasons for Existance

The year is 3000 and the world has succumbed to complete entropy of the natural world. War, famine, and destruction has reverted society to the barbaric dark ages. How can the common intellectuals survive?

Welcome to the society of Impero! Founded by the Bradbury family, our society has incomparable technology that will ensure an elegant, efficient, and organized life. The ideal layout of our country, including farming, living, business, and capitol districts, allows for a small, compact community that can fit anywhere in the world! Everyone knows from the Romans that more land leads to less control so we strive to make everything smaller for our elegant but minimalist living. With our unique wheel-shaped layout, we depend on you. If one gear stops functioning in our clockwork of life, everything you know will crumble. To avoid this, our leaders seek to maintain organization and order. To keep everything running smoothly, we have deemed our society equality friendly and everyone will be treated with respect and kindness.

Make it your goal to join Impero today!

American Dream

In Impero, we strive to make the American Dream a reality with equal opportunity for success. The only way to achieve this is to work hard within our society within the legal limits. With enough dedication and determination, anyone can achieve their goals.
This American Dream is very similar to Looking for Alaska by John Green. In the novel, Pudge attempts to find "The Great Perhaps" by going to boarding school to find himself. By allowing people the freedom to pursue happiness and a better life reflects directly back onto the success found in Impero. By joining today, you and many others can see what Pudge meant by finding "The Great Perhaps".

Compare to F451

In Impero we are very technologically advanced similar to the city of Fahrenheit 451. Impero also has unrealistic expectations on its society and being able to follow them. Our crimes are unreasonable because they limit personal freedom as did the city in Fahrenheit 451. Our city allows knowledge being fully provided to the public. Impero is more peaceful and our youth is under control and are not allowed to disturb the peace unlike in the city of Fahrenheit 451. It is more difficult to leave our city, unlike when Montag went into the river and floated away leaving the city behind close to the end of the book.

Our Colosseum

Our Colosseum is state of the art. With white leather reclining seats, it is a once in a lifetime viewing, you never see the same show twice! For your little munchkins we provide a sword fighting class every Saturday at 9:00 am. Get your season tickets and schedule for lessons now!


  • Maintain an organized life
  • Show compassion and kindness to everyone and everything
  • Do not commit crimes
  • Everyone gets the same opportunity for success
  • Stay composed in public environments


  • Withholding information
  • Stealing
  • Murder
  • Causing disorder or disturbing the peace
  • Altering appearances (i.e. plastic surgery unless in severe cases)
  • Production and distribution of drugs
  • Corruption within institutions

Punishable by isolation, expulsion, forced labor, or (in extreme cases) being sent to the Colosseum


  • Must adjust to smaller spaces to live and function
  • Everything has a time and place
  • There are heightened security measures so you never know when you're being monitored
  • Everyone and everything in our society must be elegant and precise
  • Having the possibility of being killed (death penalty, rebels, or the outside world)
  • Society crumbles if one aspect of the nation stops functioning due to extreme interdependence

While these "drawbacks" can be considered ideal for some people, those who enjoy madness and disorder would be miserable here and would most likely try their luck in other countries. Also, due to the interdependence nature of our country, it could stop working all together. If this occurs, the life inside the town would deteriorate to a situation similar to the outside world.

Why Impero Could be Dystopian

Although Impero does seem like a bright and happy place on the surface, there are some dark blemishes that they government tries to cover up. To state to obvious, this city contains a fight to the death every year. Similar to any holiday, Occido is a time when the whole community gets together to celebrate a joyous moment. What is not okay is that it is a ceremony of murder. To force people who committed petty crimes, such as disturbing the peace, is an hypocritical view of their society. They value freedom of the human mind and opportunity and yet the government condones "wrong" behaviors. Second, the people within the walls of the city are trapped. Officials running the city have made the requirements too difficult for anyone to actually escape.

By being forced to kill our fellow citizens, who are trapped like animals in a cage, is an unfair use of power in this "Utopian" society.

What We Do If You Want to Leave

As mentioned before, the population density and the death penalty can lead to rebellions or people who are unhappy in our fantastic society. Those who choose to leave are free to do so. All they have to do is fill out a test to ensure they can survive in the real world. This assessment will include a 500 page paper going into detail on why they want to leave, what they plan to do once they are out, and a step by step survival plan on living in the wilderness and in a war-torn city. Once this paper is completed, it must be reviewed by a jury and demonstrated over a 50 day trial run simulation. Remember, this whole process would cost $5,000 and an extra $10,000 to ensure that you have enough to withstand the outside would. If one survives the trial and has enough money, then they are free to go. By this time, there is no turning back and you can not, under any circumstances, re-apply for citizenship and must maintain a 50 mile radius distance around our city.

Please note, you are hurting your society because everyone is relying on you. Only put yourself through this process if you are truly unhappy. One is free to do whatever their heart desires, within the legal limits, and leaving is your choice. Please not, however, that this process also holds true to criminals or rebels eligible for this punishment.