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Editor in Chief: Alyssa Song

Featured Article: The Hershey Review

Every year, the 8th grade has a farewell trip. For our year, we spent a day at Hershey Park. Hands down, this farewell trip was one of the most entertaining, exciting things I've ever done. It is definitely something that every 8th grader should be able to enjoy. From the hype on Thursday morning, to the bus ride home, the whole journey is something that will stick with me for a long, long time.

Excitement for Hershey park started as early as the end of 7th grade, when the 8th graders went to Hershey. On social media, pictures of the Hershey invaded my feed. I saw 8th graders on roller coasters, in dresses, having a great time. When I became an 8th grader, the Hershey trip was my motivation. The week of, I was getting ready- packing, painting my nails, getting a dress, and preparing myself. Not to mention all that food we pack for the trip!

When we arrived at Hershey Lodge, we got into our dresses and did our makeup. The dance at Hershey, is by far, the best part about the trip. The next morning, we spend our afternoon at the park. My favorite rides were the Wild Mouse and Comet. The best one out of all, of course, was the Hershey chocolate tour. After attending Hershey, it's safe to say that I've never attended something this exciting in my life.


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Calvin & Hobbes

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Meme Comics

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Life Hack: Make Your Backpack Weigh Less!

No one likes a heavy backpack. It's uncomfortable, and a pain the the back (literally). If you want success in school, you better have success in organizing and learning how to manage your workload!

I bet some of your binders are completely full, to the point the rings are hard to snap close. The worst part is that these binders weigh a million pounds in your backpack. Ugh! Trying to bring two of these binders home, and you'll need back surgery the next day. These hefty binders are called "hefty" for a reason.

How to fix this problem? Get a bendable binder, like the first picture below. They are made to be squished in small spaces like your backpack. They also come in bright colors, which comes in handy while organizing your schoolwork. They are affordable, flexible, and most importantly, weigh much less! They're so light, you won't even know you're carrying one.

CHARLIE! Did you lose your core novel again?

The BookTrak is a technological savvy device that helps you find your lost core novels, or any book that you can't find. A booktrak a day keeps the fines away!

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The Four Month Study on Old People with Beards

8th grade social studies is infamous for its huge project called "NHD", which stands for "National History Day". Regular school projects are nothing compared to NHD exhibits. These projects contain a large visual (your poster board), an annotated bibliography, and an eight page essay that pertains to your chosen topic. You must also practice how you present your exhibit, for there will be picky, sneaky judges that will grade you on how well you explain your research. This tedious process was quite a memory in my 8th grade year!

My partner, Shivani, started out pretty excited. We had our topic in mind once our social studies teacher introduced NHD. Our project was going to be on Genghis Khan: a well-known, crazy, bearded Mongolian warrior who rode horses and conquered things. However, it turned out that someone took the topic before us. Infuriation would be an understatement. So instead, we chose Charles II, also known as the Merry Monarch. He loved to party, which I thought was interesting and very relatable.

One of the biggest struggles of NHD was getting to each other's houses. We started building our poster board around Christmas break, when snow started to settle on the roads. Travelling to each other's houses were a pain. Snow made it impossible to drive, Occasionally, snow would even shut down the electricity. so I couldn't call Shivani. During the break, I just twiddled my thumbs, hoping Shivani might show up to work on our project. However, through the struggles, our NHD exhibit ended up being better than we imagined. I made countless memories during this four month journey- even though it was hard work, I'm glad I conquered NHD.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

8th grade was great, but I have a few suggestions to make the year even better. First of all, our state tests, PARCC, are quite unpopular with the kids in our school. So far, I have not met a single person that likes PARCC. I know PARCC is a great test that saves paper and is easier to grade, but there are many problems that PARCC has and NJASK doesn't. For example, NJASK lines up with our curriculum much better than PARCC. PARCC math has a lot of things that we didn't even learn yet. PARCC's calculator is also rigged. The button letters are nearly impossible to see, and the memory of the calculator is always cleared after every calculation. I would much rather use a regular calculator, like in NJASK. Lastly, the LAL writing portion gives you a tiny little text box. The scrolling in the test is very tedious and annoying.

Something else that we could improve in BRMS is the air conditioning. The school should start to build air conditioning in classrooms- or at least let teachers and students bring their own. In the summer, NJ is like a rainforest. Humid, hot air fills classrooms during the time blocks after lunch. Not is it only uncomfortable, but can distract student learning.

Lastly, I must complain about the dress code. Some parts of the dress code I completely understand. I understand that you can't wear t-shirts with violent content on it. I understand that we're not allowed to wear hats or masks. But some things, like the short lengths, are quite disagreeable. I think some of the teachers in our school misunderstand the student's point of view. We do not aim to to wear short shorts to make the boys go loco. We wear short shorts because it's 80 degrees farenheit outside, with 99% humidity. Also, it's harder to find non-school violating pants in stores. Do you want to know why it's hard? Most schools allow short shorts, and we're the only ones that don't.

I'm looking forward to seeing great change in our middle school!

Bruce Jenner "I'm Finally FREE" - What EXACTLY Happened?!


Bruce Jenner has recently gone through surgery to reach dreams of becoming a women?? WHAT??? Like how is this even possible? Now, he's known as Caitlyn Jenner, and was a former Olympic champion track and field athlete. People can't get over her transformation! To be honest I can't even get over it!! Like, this is outrageous.
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Alyssa's Advice for Amateurs: How to Deal with Finals

It's natural to be stressed for finals. I wouldn't blame you- it's the biggest test of the year, and pretty much defines your final grade for the year. However, if you're already growing grey hair three months away from the test, you need to calm down.

There's no need to be afraid of finals. It's like fearing death. Finals will happen, and there's no way around it. If you're afraid, that means you're unprepared. My advice is to do the bulk of your studying two or three weeks before the test. Most people tend to cram it into the weekend before the test, but it's not good for you. This way, when the test is tomorrow, you know others will be staying up at 2:00 AM while you can comfortably get ten hours of sleep.