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Week beginning 3rd June

Summer borrowing

If you came into the Learning Centre on Celebration of Learning day you would have noticed that we were quite busy. It was buzzing with excitement as the children all selected their summer borrowing. Over 1400 books were loaned, increasing the number of books loaned out for the summer break to over 3000. That is 3000 books in the hands of our children working their magic instead of sitting in a box collecting dust. We look forward to borrowing and lessons starting once again in August/ September when our new library opens.

Battle of the Books

A great list for any Year 5 or 6 looking for something to read over the summer.

Looking for classics and modern tales to build up your child's personal library?

Try checking out this list from the Guardian. Lucy Mangan selects her top 50 children's books. A book lovers guide to building a brilliant children's library.

This is part of the Guardian book store but obviously you don't need to buy them. Visit the Public Library.

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