Jackson the Zero

Hurting peoples lives since 1828.

He Used the Spoils System

The Spoils System gave unexperienced common man Goverment jobs. This caused the votes for Jackson to skyrocket. When the common sometimes un-educated people to make changes based on the benifit of themselves.

He ignored a Supreme Court Ruling.

John Marshell declared that the Native American Tribes own the land they inhabited and have the right to stay. Jackson said that Marshell had to enforce the ruling which he cannot because that was the Presidents Job. He should have been impeached then and there but as I said he used the Spoils System which had the represenatives choose to allow so they could have more land. This was to the benifit of them.

He closed the needed National Bank.

We needed the National Bank for the benifit of the Country. The represenatives wanted to benifit themselves and their familys down South. They knew that they gave loans to the bigger industrys up North but those same industrys bought the products used to make thier products like using cotton to make wool. When the National Bank closed the next year the nation went into a mini-depression because the North didn't recive loans which didn't allow them to be able to buy supplies from the South

King Jackson the Zero.

Andrew Jackson used his power like a tyrant. An example is that he used his veto power more than any other President. He also sent the Native American tribe the Cherokee off their land in Georgia even after the Supreme Court said he couldn't do that. He also said that he was above the Supreme court by ignoring their ruling.