also none as TEA or TEOA

elements that make up TEA (C6H15NO3)

Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen

The Differences of the Properties

1. Carbon is a solid and TEA is a liquid

2. Hydrogen is non toxic, but TEA is (if by itself)

3. Nitrogen is used for nitric acid and Triethanolamine is used as a pH balencer

4. Oxygen is gas and TEA is a liquid

5. Carbon boiling point 8,721 degrees F and TEA's boiling point is 635 degrees F

6. Hydrogens melting point is -434.5 degrees F, but TEA's melting point is 70.88 degrees F

7. Nitrogens density is 1.251 g/L and Triethanolamines density is 1.13 g/cm3

8. Oxygens boiing point is -361.8 degrees F, but TEA's boiling point is 635 degrees F

Uses of Compound

1. eyeshadow

2. eyeliner

3. mascara

4. perfume

5. hair dyes

6. shaving cream

(mostly in skin care or beauty products)

Benefits/Harmful Effects


neutralizes acids

solubilizes oils and other ingredients

pH balencer

(when used) helps clear your skin

Harmful Effects

skin and eye irritation

damaging the respiratory system

damaging the immune system

inciting cancer

For or Against TEA?

I think that we should continue using TEA, because it helps keep are skin clean. Although it does have some harmful effects, in small amounts those dangerous effects arent as harmful. Overall we should keep using the compound, triethanolamine.