Multi-Media Artist and Animator

Arts, A/V Technology & Animations Lily N.

Why I chose this career

1 - I enjoy draw, paint, and design charecters/Animals/Things

2 - Animating movies/clips/videos

3 - Creating carecters and stories are intresting

This job is in the art, A/V, and technology cluster. This job also include animating and drawing clips, movies, and videos.

Work Environment

This is an indoor job, typically in an office or field. This job requiers me to were dress casual clothing. Such as jeans and a nice shirt, like a flannle. This job is a group work job, with high levels of competition.

Job description

Salary - 31.52 / Hour

Job Outlook 2.8 percent Growth chances a year!

After an animator I can become an art producer.


- Using Email

- Group or team work

- High levels of competition

- Strict deadlines

- Sitting

Education and Training :

- This job requires a bachelors degree

- Also additional art school is mandatory before taking this career

Animation and Art

That is why I decided to choose this job, it include drawing and animation. It also have a decent salary and is fun and intresting.

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