How to Survive Sixth Grade

By: Elijah Totten

Welcome To Hickory Hills

At first you will be nervous but this is probably the best year of your life. You will be having two core classes and one related arts classes also called specials in elementary, but those are before lunch then you have another related arts class then three more core classes. Also this is important you only have three minutes to get to your next class but don't stress out about that it is just enough time just don't play around.
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Chrome Book Safety

1. You want to hold your Chrome Book with two hands when walking with it.

2. You don't want to have food or drinks by your Chrome Book.

3. And NEVER run with your Chrome Book.

4. Don't jump, run, swing it, through it any of that dangerous stuff.

How to unlock your locker

Strike system

Once you are in sixth grade there will be a strike system. The strike system will start some where in first quarter. If you get less than 10 strikes in a quarter you get to have this party thing. But if you get up to seven you get a call home you still get to go to the party thing but you will probably get in trouble.


No running in the halls keep that with PE and talking when the teacher is talking that is really rude. And you are not always aloud to talk when ever you want. You have to do your work or you wont get any points. Gum chewing might be aloud in some classes but if they let you they don't want to see it or hear it, What I mean is no bubbles or playing with it.
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