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Scary Tales: One-Eyed Doll, James Preller

The Box is Meant to Stay Buried Forever...

So my book pass is about a doll that is alive and she trying to become a real girl. So the doll was put in a box and was buried because she was harming people and she actually was the one-eyed witch. So these siblings and their friend found box in backyard of an haunted old house. These kids name are Malik the older brother, Tiana the younger sister, and Soda Pop their friend. After they found the box they brake the whole thing and there was a doll inside it also they was a code on the front of the box. So Tiana took the doll home and she loved it and she talked to it. So after few days Malik noticed Tiana has been acting weird and she heard the conversation between Tiana and the doll so he went to Soda Pop to find out what the code was and it meant that the doll was alive so Malik fought with the doll and he thought he killed. So after he threw the doll to the river and he solved the problem for his family. But a little girl caught the doll when she was fishing and she kept it.


I choose this song because my book pass is a scary tale and this song is a spooky song. Also in the beginning the scary sound, sounds like it can come from the haunted house. Also this song can give the reader the feeling inside the book. So my connection of the song to the book is that it really can give you the feeling of being scared if you were in the book.

Victor Ruvalcaba

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