Media Literacy

Jordan Lee

Journal 1-What is media?

The term media can be defined in many different ways but to me media is anything that can be used as entertainment. It can be anything from the TV shows people watch to the videos on YouTube to the radio stations people listen to on the way to work. No matter what form, it is all media. Everyone uses media every single day. Most of the time media is used to stay up-to-date with the news and our peers. In this day in age everyone has to be technologically savvy and the internet is where most media is found. A major form of media is social media. According to, 73% of all Americans over the age of 18 use social media, and nearly all businesses are on a social media website. Cell phones have increased the amount of media a person uses every day because of how easily accessible it has become. To be media literate means to understand how to use the increasingly advancing 21st century media. Understanding computers and other media is vital to everyday life because it keeps everyone connected. For example you can jump onto your yahoo browser and find out news about a movie theater shooting that happened in Colorado during a Batman premier. Another example is you can sit on the couch in front of your TV and turn on CNN and see what the President has done lately. Either way, the media was used to keep the people entertained, informed, and connected.

Super Bowl Preci

Budweiser in the commercial, “Puppy Love”, asserts that Budweiser beer brings people together in a manner that can never be broken. Budweiser supports their argument by connecting their consumer’s emotions with music and a dog never leaving a horse. The company’s purpose is to show how a friendship that may look different to others but is still positive in order to persuade watchers that friendships shouldn’t be given up on by the ones who cherish them. The company promotes in a passionate tone for adults who drink beer and super bowl watchers.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

News Propaganda

Washington, Monday, Dec. 25.--Sudden and unexpected attacks on Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, and other United States possessions in the Pacific Ocean early yesterday morning by the Soviet air force putting the United States and the Soviet Union into active war.

The initial attack in Hawaii, apparently launched by torpedo-carrying bombers and submarines, caused widespread damage and death. It was quickly followed by other attacks, all from the air. There were confirmed reports that Italian raiders participated in the attacks but all were below sea level.

Guam also was assaulted from the air, as were Davao, on the island of Mindanao, and Camp John Hay, in Northern Luzon, both in the Philippines. Lieut. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, commanding the United States Army of the Far East, reported there was little damage, however.

[Soviet parachute troops had been landed in the Philippines and Soviets had seized some communities, Royal Arch Gunnison said in a broadcast from Manila today to WOR- Mutual. He reported without detail that "in the naval war the ABCD fleets under American command appeared to be successful" against Soviet invasions.]

Italian submarines, ranging out over the Pacific, sank an American transport carrying lumber 2000 miles from the Hawaiian coast, and distress signals were heard from a freighter 700 miles from that city.

The War Department reported that nearly 400soldiers died and nearly 575 were wounded as a result of the attack on Hickam Field, Hawaii. The National Broadcasting Company reported from Honolulu that the battleship Oklahoma was afire.

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Why did I change this?

I changed this article because Japanese American take a lot of discrimination in the U.S because of what their home countries leaders did a long time ago.

Satire News Story

MLB Players Face PED Charges

Feb 28 2014

Atlanta, GA- Nearly 400 Major League Baseball players may be charged with the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. Many of the most prominent and talented players in the league are close to suspension. Players stats have been way up this year and you can see a direct correlation to the sizes of players bodies this year compared to last year.

The players union has suggested that the MLB all players to use steroids and make all parks bigger, “Because you hit more homers when you’re angry.”

In all, MLB identifies 336 players, mostly from Columbia and the Dominican Republic who were found to be using the performance enhancing drugs. A drug test was performed on all 336 and violators from Columbia all were found to be using cocaine, another banned drug.

When this statistic was found, MLB reported it to the FBI, and all Hispanics were deported back to where they came from. “The MLB will make once again be an all American sport,” said Jordan Lee an ESPN reporter who covers the biggest news from around major league baseball.

A few of the deported players took to express their feeling for being sent back to their home countries. Juan Vazquez said, ”We are hurt to be sent after being in the league for so long.”


Over the past 5 months I have learned many things in Media Literacy. We have learned how to analyze documents and break them down to make them easily understandable and learned how the media has an effect on everything we do because of advancements in technology and how it magnifies everything. The thing I will take away from the class the most is the precis because it really helped me understand confusing documents a lot better. It is easier to find the meaning behind an article or video when using a precis because it is a detailed summary in only 4 sentences. This class is completely different than any other language arts class but I have also gotten way more out of this class than any other one. I didn't have to read any books alone in this class, but I learned important life lessons about the media. The class was more about applying media to our actual lives rather than reading old books that don’t matter. It is a much more realistic class that a student can relate to. Also, most of the work is online unlike any other language arts class I've ever had. By doing the work online it has made me more responsible and more cognizant of how I use my time in class, especially when we go to the lab. When something is due at a certain time, it has to be turned in by that time, not a minute more or it will be late. In the future to make this class better you can go a little slower in the 1984 book to explain everything. I really liked the book because it was exactly how our world is but sometimes I got a little lost in what the author was trying to say.