Ms. Reed's Super Students

Week of Oct. 5th- Oct. 9th

Quick Announcements!

  1. Homework is due every MONDAY. Print it out or turn it in, in the most convenient manner for you and your family. You should never spend more than 20 minutes on homework each night. But reading is still encouraged for Friday night as well. Students receive $5 every time their planner shows minutes read.
  2. We go to library every WEDNESDAY so be sure your student has their books with them weekly. Books can be kept out for two weeks but they may only have 3 books checked out at one time.
  3. To clear up confusion- Planners are written in by your student to record one to two things they learned or remembered from that day. You are just signing to ensure you have seen it and recording the nightly reading.
  4. Your student may have come home discussing Hank the Cowdog. I have started reading the first one as a "brain break" after lunch and they LOVE IT! Thank you for instilling such a love of reading in your students. Having students beg me to read a story or frantically searching for one in the library is one of the many things that makes me leave here smiling everyday.
  5. Parent Conferences have begun! Thank you to those of you that have already met with me! If we have not met but have scheduled a time- I have posted an updated image with all the times filled in. So please double check and make sure I have recorded it correctly!
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This week we learned alot!

Math- We have continued to assess story problems and we focused on addition and subtraction this week. We identified the unknown in the problem and created number sentences and used related facts to solve! We continued our discussion on the exemplar rubrics to be expert problem solvers by including communication to justify our answers with as much math dialogue as possible.

Reading- This week we have begun to discuss character's mistakes as an early introduction to plot and theme as literary elements. By focusing on the mistakes a character makes, we can then identify lessons they might have learned from them and what lessons the author wants us to learn.

Writing- On Monday we learned how to write an introduction to "hook" a reader. We then continued our self-identification as authors and setting goals to become better writers. We created a class list of the things we have learned that good writers do and are making plans with our writing partners to achieve those goals.

Science- We are continuing our discussion with physical properties and introducing how they change when they are combined. On Tuesday we built structures based on the physical properties our materials had and competed to see who could make the tallest and strongest structure.

Social Studies- Friday we will continue to discuss our community and the heritage of Frisco by looking at the statues and identifying their significance.

****all italics words are examples of the language we use in class. You have to use big vocabulary to learn it!

Art (AMP award) CLASS OF THE MONTH!!!!!!

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A picture walk through our week!

Next Week Overview


Next week we will begin talking about coins. Identifying them by features and values and using their value to determine the total of a group of coins! This is always challenging so practice at home will be very beneficial!


We will continue discussing plot but we will be introducing theme or "the big idea" of the story. Starting Thursday we will re-introduce main idea.


We will begin the publishing process and on Friday please provide your student with a juice box to celebrate each other as authors! We will have a sharing party and "tea time" to hear each other's stories.


We will review Matter and take our curriculum based assessment to see what all they have learned in science so far!

Celebrate Carroll (last week)

Celebrate Carroll

Friday, Oct. 9th, 7:30am

4380 Throne Hall Drive

Frisco, TX

Always a fun event and the perfect way to unify us as a school family and celebrate another week of hands-on learning!

Superkid of the week!

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National Walk to School Day Celebration!

Contact Info!

Feel free to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible! The best ways are through email, class Dojo (messages work similar to texts), and be sure to check out our Instagram page!