Third Grade News

May 9, 2016

Important Dates to Remember

Student Council Store - May 10-12 - Everything on sale for $0.25

Don't forget to order your yearbook!

Wednesday, May 11, 2106 - PJ/Snack celebration for Mrs. Pyle's class getting 30 5s in specials!

Friday, May 13, 2016 - Percussion Assembly

Monday, May 16 - Field Day! - Don't forget a towel & change of clothes in case you get wet!

Thursday, May 19 - Last Day of School (out two hours early - @ 1)

Thursday, May 26 - First Day of Explore!



No more homework!!!!


Want to sign your child up for summer school? See below to sign up online OR just send a signed note back to school saying that you'd like for your child to be enrolled (and what class) and we'll do it for you! :)

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What's happening in the classroom?

We've been focusing on...

  • Math: Measurement and time - we have been investigating how to tell time to the nearest minute & how to figure out 'elapsed' time. This is still tricky for some of us - encourage your child to tell what time it is at home too!
  • Reading: How to look for parts in words & reread to solve tricky words AND how discussions can deepen our comprehension! You will have access to newsela and epic this summer too! Make sure to keep reading!
  • Writing: We continue to work on expressing ourselves in ways that clearly communicate our ideas. We're working on remembering to reread, revise, & edit our work to make sure there aren't errors that cause people to misunderstand our writing.
  • Unit of Inquiry: We have begun our Sharing the Planet unit and are investigating issues that create equal opportunities for us and those that do NOT. We're exploring what actions we can take to help our world become a more balanced place to live.


Boyd will be an Explore! (summer school) site this year! They are offering over 11 different options (if we have enough students who are interested) including fun options exclusive to the PYP! Click here to go directly to the link! OR...

Please check out the SPS site: - Programs & Services; Section N-Z (We're thinking SPS was assuming people would look for "summer school".).