Angry Brides: Claim no to dowry

Following the exceptional achievement of "Angry Birds" the same name sport has been launched by the Indian matrimonial web site called as "Angry Brides".The motive with this game is to offer data against dowry practices and its impact in India matrimonial system.

Dowry is not just regarded while the demanded payment by the groom's family during the time of marriage but also all of the requirements and the gifts asked for a family group of women, despite her marriage. "Angry Brides" online sport is a smart effort to produce people aware about dowry system and encouraging them to state NO to dowry.

The game has different levels to enjoy where option of various domestic tools has been directed at the upset brides. Everytime "Upset Bride" hits her one of many three prospective husbands, i.e. an manufacture, a health care provider and a pilot, the gamer have the score. All of the developed scores more adds up in the "anti-dowry fund"

A female is considered the origin of power, love, care, pleasure, kindness and several more. Exactly the same has been revealed on the landing page of "Furious Brides" whereby an eight-armed woman in red reveals fuming side of a woman to state NO to dowry. Unlike different on line activities we likewise have many different home what to used in a casino game like baking container, moving hooks and broomsticks etc.

Nevertheless you will find so several tools to make use of but going pins, stilettos and flip-flops will be the tools largely being used to battle dowry. That game has been produced sensible that you can as it can be. You can find groomed in the overall game with a top dowry price. The people need to slap the grooms with the weapons of these choice. Every successful punch will reduce the price tag on the lick and earning total may move to the player's Anti-dowry fund. For the consciousness against dowry process, players can publish the same on the timeline and may also tweet with their timeline.

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