Modern Inventions

modern inventions make life better for the working class

Flying Shuttle

The flying shuttle exceedingly increased production of spun wool. With the creation of this invention factory working was dangerous but very productive.

Cotton Gin

The cotton gin was very helpful because it separated the seeds from the raw cotton producing more of it and kept humans from having to do it.

Spinning Jenny

The spinning jenny was a good invention because it spun many threads at the same time.

All the modern inventions were bad in some ways

Many people were killed because the machines weren't safe, it also increased pollution, and long hours with very little pay.


Thousands of people died just from the inventions they had to use.

Long hours with low pay

the factory workers had to work long hours a day usually 12 or 16 hours with low pay because the factory owners wanted more bang for their buck.


pollution was raised because of the amount of machines running at one time in a city.