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Mollie B Hoover Elementary

Author Visit- Bruce Lansky

On October 7th and 8th we will be hosting "The King of Giggle Poetry", BRUCE LANSKY! Details about the visit are just coming together. However, teachers will be receiving more information about the upcoming visit. Here's some things to know for now that will help us prepare for a successful school visit:

In the library:

  • students will hear about Bruce and his books. The more they know, the more they'll appreciate and benefit from the visit.
  • we will read aloud from some of Bruce's books.
  • we will make a special display.
  • students will be offered an opportunity to pre-order his books.

The week of the visit:

  • hang a welcome banner at the front entrance.
  • have students illustrate their favorite story or poem by Bruce. Display student work in hallways.
  • Encourage students to either individually or in groups practice reciting their favorite poems by Bruce. Ask students to prepare questions for him.
  • Teach students the importance of being a good audience.


Prior to Bruce's visit, you may want to read some of Bruce's work. Here are some fun and educational websites for poetry projects and curriculum ideas to help prepare your students for the visit: - offers easy and interesting lessons that include the works of Bruce Lansky. -offers giggle-inducing poems, poetry games and races, and poetry writing exercises that include Bruce's work. - offers creative lessons for teaching reading and writing skills, as well as ideas for using children's works of fiction in your curriculum. -more information about Bruce.

New books hitting the shelf this week!

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Library Lessons

Students are learning about how to locate materials in the library, use Destiny, and tips on how to read a spine label. We are also learning about how to find just right books and apply the five finger rule. Finding books in your sweet spot is so important. Reading books that are too easy is like going to the gym and lifting 1 lb. weights. You're not going to get stronger. However, reading books that are too hard is like going to the gym and trying to lift 500 lbs. If you can't get if off the ground, you're not getting any healthier and might even be causing harm. If you want to get your brain in shape you have to find the right books at your level to see results. (I'd be happy to share my presentation if you want to revisit this in the classroom.)

Many teachers have shared that they'd like for their students to have at least one 'just right' chapter book. I will make a note on your class roster if you have any special requests on book check-out requirements, just let me know.

Book limits are officially set at 2 books and 1 magazine as long as they are in good standing with the library. However, I've explained the analogy to students that checking out books is like going to the salad bar- take what you can consume. If you can read two just right chapter books in one week, great! Take two. If not, take what you can realistically read.

Technology 1,2,3

1. Teachers, we'd like for you to take 2-5 minutes to complete a brief 7 question survey to help us plan for future professional development opportunities. It is anonymous and only one entry per IP address is permitted. Watch your inbox for a separate email with a link to the survey address.

2. We will be sending laptop carts one at a time to CMS to be serviced and updated. I will try to give you as much advance notice as possible before each cart leaves the building. Mrs. Nicholas and I will begin working on updates to the computer labs later this week.

3. Please report any technology issues to Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Nicholas. We will work diligently to resolve your technology problems in a timely fashion so that you are able to do great things for kids!