My Smore Flyer

How I am Ethic

By Jacob Coyne


I'm honest. I don't lie to people. I tell the truth. In 4th grade I told the truth about an event that happened. I do not steal at all. i only barrow from others with permission and I make sure I give their property I barrowed back.

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I follow the rules in school when no teachers are watching. When we're suppose to be quiet in class and the teacher leaves the classroom, I'm still quiet. I treat people fairly as well.
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I don't give out any private info. I don't have any social media accounts, so no one can use my ip address to find out where I live. I also don't give out any personal info at school other than friends.
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Honesty at school.

At school, i do my own work. I do not copy others unless we're working together and helping each other. I do not damage others property. Like at school, I don't write bad stuff on the walls like there is in the restrooms.
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I think I'm responsible. When we do projects in business foundations with partners, I will go home and finish the part I'm suppose to do.
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