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Welcome to the New School Year!

Hello Sailor Families! We are so excited for this new school year and what it has to offer for your students! Vermilion is pleased to announce that we are continuing to utilize the "No Limits" grant, and encourage your involvement as parents in your child's IEP and transition process into adulthood. We will continue to send out monthly newsletters that will contain pertinent information regarding transition and disability services for your child or children. These newsletters will contain upcoming trainings, links to reading materials, articles and videos and much, much more! Also, be on the lookout for important updates and live sessions on our "No Limits" facebook page and "No Limit's" resource page on Vermilion Local Schools website. We are so excited for this new school year and look forward to being a part of this process with you!
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Transition Planning

As a School District, you may feel that as a parent, it is in the best interest of your child to learn as many academic skills as possible prior to their graduation date.

When a child turns 14 years of age, their IEP begins to focus on Transition Services. This will begin to look at the "PINS" of your child; short for Preferences, Interests, Needs and Strengths. This will begin to build a youth’s independence and participation in school, home, and community living and helps to prepare them for their futures.

What does that mean for you as a parent? Consider yourself as a valuable, important partner, not an observer, on the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. Share what you know about your child by communicating strengths, interests, and needs during IEP meetings. Teachers highly value this type of information from parents because it helps provide essential details that assessments and school observation cannot. Remember, you know your child best!

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What does this have to do with Employment?

According to state law in Ohio, employment services for people with developmental disabilities shall be directed at community employment and all people with developmental disabilities are presumed capable of community employment.

How does this coincide with my child's IEP?

Transition assessment affords the opportunity for professionals from across agencies to co-plan and review information that will highlight the youth's preferences, interests, needs and skills relevant to building a profile of the youth as a future employee. A team approach to assessment –adult service personnel, educators, youth and family working collaboratively—results in a profile that informs the pathway to community employment that is the 'best fit' for the youth.

How can my child obtain employment?

There are many wonderful resources and Service Providers in Ohio that can assist your child with finding and obtaining employment. These resources and Service Providers can connect your child into the community, as well as build skills that your child will need to obtain and remain employed!

Resources for employment

Ohio has many great resources to assist your child with Employment. OOD Services can begin as soon as your child turns 14 years of age. Ohio means jobs can assist with searching for employment, career inventory, and different resources based on the age of the child. There are also programs available through our Local Jobs and Family Services that can guide your child to employment programs!

Check out these great resources below!

About us

My name is Kat Smith, and I am thrilled to be a part of this opportunity to engage your family in the IEP and transition process into adulthood! Be on the look out for monthly newsletters that will obtain pertinent information to you and your child and up to date information on our facebook page and parent resource portal on Vermilion Local Schools website!