How to create a flyer!

Everything you need to know to make a flyer

Making A Flyer

Everything on this website is to make your own custom flyer. So when you first go on the website, you must make an account. To do this, you must click the "Sign Up!" button in the top right side of your screen. Once you've made an account, you must click the giant, orange "Start a New Flyer!" button. Then, you can select one out of the six types of flyers to use for your own. To create this flyer, I used the 'Other' type of flyer. Here is where the real fun begins! You can customize you background! Customize the color your title of your flyer! Even choose the font of the title! These are the types of customization you can do to your flyer. Once you have finished creating your beautiful flyer, you can save it if you want to add more to it in the future by pressing the "Save now" button on the right side of the screen. Or if you think you've perfected your flyer, press the "Done Editing" button near the "Save now" button to preview your flyer and even share it to your friends or family. Once that happens, your done creating your flyer. But the good thing is, you can make tons more custom flyers that you want to make. Now you know everything you need to know about creating a flyer. Have fun!