Vacuum Cleaner Timeline

By Nicole Smith


During the 1830's housewives would gather around and talk about effective ways to remove stains and dirt from carpets, including, scrubbing the carpet with lemon juice and a warm loaf of bread, they also would sweep the carpet with a straw broom.
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Most Carpets were made of rags that were braided together and then sewn. The housewives would take out the carpets 1-3 times a year and hung on a close line and beaten to remove all the dirt and dust.
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July 10, 1860

Daniel Hess, created the first documented Vacuum Cleaner, then he requested a patent for it. He received the patent on July 10, 1860.
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In 1869 Ives W. McGaffey also took out a patent for a very similar product, it has two different features compared to Daniel Hess. Which includes, a hand operated crank to generate power, and the Vacuum would stand up by itself. He originally tried to sell this idea for $25.
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Corrine Dufour created the first electrically-powered Vacuum. Later Hubert Cecil Booth, created the first electrically-powered Vacuum that followed the vacuum rules.
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James Spangler created a vacuum out of three parts, a pillowcase, a fan, and a box. This Vacuum was called the ¨Model O¨. It sold for about $60. In 1908 he patented it and then later sold it to his relative.
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During the 1920s and early 1930s the production of vacuums slowly declined, because carpets started becoming unfashionable. Chemical cleaning supplies started to become more popular.
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Importance of Vacuums

Vacuums are very important to the world of cleaning because, without them people would still be beating their carpets outside twice a year. It would be very difficult to have a clean house, considering most houses are fully carpeted. Owning Pets would be difficult, because they usually shed a lot. There aren't very many options that are similar to a vacuum, for carpet cleaning.


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