Verona Times

Tuesday August, 8th 1600

Dear Friar Laurence,

The feud between the Montagues and the Capulets has just recently ended, how do you feel about it? The two children of both families Romeo and Juliet have just passed away recently what are your thoughts on this? The last thing is how do you think the families should deal with their loss and what advice would you give them? Thankyou for reading my letter.


Dear Jackson,

Hello, in my opinion i think that it is great that the feud between the families is over, but they had to pay a great price by losing their only children. I think that both Romeo and Juliet are in a better play now where they can live in peace. They never got to really live life together, but now they can because they are away from all their problems. It is awful that the families lost their children, but they led it to that and I think they should move on and try to forget about the past.

Sincerely, Friar Laurence