Justin Hudak's Favorite Place

London Facts

My dream vacation is London. My destination is in the United Kingdom. I picked it because its my favorite place. It is great because i like places on the other side of the world. Its the 9th largest city in the world. London gets its name from a Roman settlement. Drivers drive on the left instead of the right in London and the steering wheel is on the right instead of the left. London hosted the 3rd Olympics in 2012. Has the most international visitors in the world. The most languages are spoken there than any other place in the world. London has the biggest bus network in the world. London is twinned with New York, Moscow, Berlin. London's ring road the M25 is the biggest ring road in the world. There are over 6,000 licensed restaurants in London.


It will take me 9h 15m to fly from Houston to London. It is 4,846 miles away from me. I would take my dad with me there. I will get there by Airplane. I will stay there for 1 week.


I will stay in a Hotel call Hilton London Tower bridge. It is near the bridge and has a 4 star rating. I would need to pack clothes and bathroom supplies like soap and stuff.


My total trip cost will be $4,681. My Hotel will cost $1400 for all 7 nights. I will take $500 dollars extra for anything i might want to buy extra. My total food cost for all meals would be $140. My travel cost would be $1,951. My Airfare cost will be $600 for a round trip there and back. My total Gas cost will be $90 for a possible rental car.


I will just enjoy the place and relax and have fun. Other things to do are you can ride rides or go swimming and many other things. There are many older buildings to see and explore/examine through and there hotels are very nice to stay in and relax at.