Parent Newsletter February 2014

iWave: iLearn One-to-World Initiative

We are excited to announce our iWave: iLearn One-to-World Initiative at Meade County High School. This program allows every student at MCHS to have an iPad Mini to use during the school day. In addition, students will be able to take the device home to use after school hours if they enroll in the insurance program. The cost of the insurance for the remainder of this year is prorated to $15.

Our one-to-world technology program aligns with the vision and mission of our district. Putting this type of technology in the hands of every student is necessary to even better prepare our students for college or the work world.

Our students and staff members have responded extremely well to life with our iPads! They are using them regularly during the school day and our tech staff is doing a wonderful job eliminating issues associated with a large scale technology rollout. I am very pleased thus far!

As of today, more than 1200 students have taken advantage of the “take home” program. That is over 75% of our school! It is our hope that entire families are able to benefit from this program.

If your child is a “day time only” user and would like to change to the “take home” plan, you simply need to turn in another form with fifteen dollars. You may do so at any time.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our iWave: iLearn One-to-world initiative, feel free to call us. We appreciate your input!

ACT for Juniors

The ACT test will be given March 4, 2014 to all juniors in the state of Kentucky. This test includes multiple-choice tests in English, mathematics, reading, and science.

Four-year colleges in Kentucky and many vocational schools, as well as some branches of the military, require an ACT score. Whether your student is planning on a post-secondary education or not, this is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the ACT test.

Many students who presently do not need an ACT score for their post-secondary goals will eventually need an ACT score for further success in their careers.

The test scores will highlight your student’s academic strengths and give information as to those areas that need skill building.

For more information on the ACT, visit

From the YSC

Want to go to Prom but can’t afford a dress and all the accessories? Junior and Senior girls who need assistance should stop by the Youth Services Center by Friday, February 28.

Where to donate and find prom dresses in KY

KENTUCKY (back to top)

Becca's Closet
Locations: Hindman, Radcliff

Cinderella's Closet of Central Kentucky
Location: Frankfort
Telephone: 502-227-7430
Contact: Amy Nance

Cinderella's Closet of Northern Kentucky
Location: Lakeside Park
Telephone: 859-341-5330
Contact: Erin Peterson

God's Closet
Location: Manchester
Telephone: 606-813-6406
Contact: Carol Bolin

Prom Project
Location: Louisville
Telephone: 502-429-6611
Contact: Dawn Karrer

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Students across Kentucky are completing an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The Career Cruising ILP Tool is designed to help students bring together their academic achievements, extracurricular experiences, and career and education exploration activities. This enables the student, parents or guardians, teachers, and counselors to work together to develop a course of study that meets the student’s needs and goals.

Our 9th grade students update and review their ILP in their Computer and Technology Applications course. Our 10th-12th grade students will be updating portions of their ILP through their Academic Time (AT).

The student ILP tool allows students to:

· Record their career, education, and life goals

· Bookmark careers and schools that interest them

· Record their thoughts about the careers and schools that they have saved

· Explore the Kentucky Career Clusters and track the clusters that interest them

· Store their results from standardized tests and assessments, including Career Matchmaker

· Keep track of their career and educational exploration activities

· Record their extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interests

· Document their community services and work experience

· Develop their four-year high school course of study plan

· List awards and recognitions they have received

· Document learning services and programs they have participated in

· Upload related files, such as essays, scanned artwork, and letters of reference

· Create personalized, professional-looking resumes

There is also a Parent/Guardian ILP tool that allows parents to:

· View the work your child has entered in his or her ILP

· Learn more about the careers and schools that are of interest to your child

· Record your thoughts and comments about your child’s learning plan

· Email your comments to your child’s advisors

To log in to the Parent ILP Tool, go to and enter your parent/guardian username and password. Feel free to contact us if you need your parent ILP access information.

CCR (College and Career Ready)

Senate Bill 1 was put in place for the Preschool–Grade 12 education system to ensure students are ready for college or to enter the work force. A partnership between The Kentucky Department of Education and The Council on Post-Secondary Education established these standards.

College readiness is the level of preparation a student entering college needs in order to be successful in credit-bearing courses without the need for remediation.

It has been determined through research, the skills needed to be successful in the work force are basically the same as the skills needed to succeed in college.

The scores of 18 in English, 19 in Math, and 20 in Reading are benchmark scores which determine a student to be college and career ready based on the ACT Test.

The scores of 74 in English, 36 in Math, and 85 in Reading are benchmark COMPASS Test scores.

The COMPASS Test is an opportunity for seniors who have not met the ACT Benchmarks. COMPASS scores can be used for college course placement—not for college admissions.

KEES Money

To be eligible for a Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) award, a student is required by state law to be enrolled at a certified Kentucky high school for a minimum of 140 days per year, to meet attendance and curriculum requirements, and to earn a yearly GPA of 2.5 or higher.

The high school yearly GPA is to be calculated with an unweighted 4.0 point grading scale using each grade awarded for all courses taken during an academic year where 4.0 is an “A” and 0.0 is an “F.” The only exceptions are for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.

For more information on the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES), visit

College Corner

Colleges and Universities

Visits are Scheduled

February 25, 2014 Elizabethtown Community and Technical College of Elizabethtown, KY will be at MCHS during lunch for interested students.

March 6, 2014 The Savannah College of Art & Design of will be at MCHS during lunch for interested students.

Note: Local scholarship packets have been distributed to senior students!

Senior Year Timeline


· Be on the lookout for your Student Aid Report (SAR) to arrive approximately four weeks after you have submitted the FAFSA. Make sure all information is correct.


· You should begin receiving responses to your applications as well as your financial aid packages.

· Begin comparing offers and weigh the pros and cons.

· Decision time!! Most colleges request that you accept or decline by May 1.