Magic Kingdom

By:Maddie Sanford

Mad Tea Party

This is from the Alice and the wonderland movie. It is a Character interaction , in the Magic Kingdom Part of disney world. It involves a tea cup ride and a meet and greet with some of the main characters from Alice and the Wonderland.

Captain Jasks parrow Pirate Tutorial

This is another attraction within the Magic kingdom , it's after the movie Pirates and the Carrabean. It involves sword fighting 101 and Lots of character interaction.


These are both themed after Disney movies and both include character interaction. They are both off one of the main lanes of the Magic Kingdom. The magic is like a dead in street in a neighborhood and the attractions are like drive ways . Its circle way provides easy entrances and exits with a natural flow , letting go to every attraction in the easiest way possible.


The magic kingdom is designed for all ages . It's movie are translated it to the funnest way possible including the character interaction . It takes some of it scarier movies and makes them as kid friendly has possible while still getting the jist of the movie and keeping its them hince the Captain Jack sparrow Pirate Tutorial.