CPO Meeting and Upcoming Events

CPO Meeting

Our next CPO meeting is Wednesday night, November 5th, at 7:00PM in the choir room. Please come and join us as we discuss several important topics including:

Financial Overview
Fundraising Updates
Concert Preparations
Concert Fundraising Opportunities
Washington DC Updates

Other Upcoming Events

November 3rd - 7:00 - 8:30PM Evening rehearsal juniors and seniors only!
November 4th - End of Marking Period (PLEASE CHECK YOUR GRADES)
November 7th - Gift Card/Scrip Order Due
November 7th - Select Choir Invitational
November 14th - Second DC Payment Due
November 14th - Next Vocal Test Due

CPO Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 5th, 7-8pm

2804 Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA