Peak School Library Newsletter

April 2013

Looking good in the library!

We have had a busy month in the library, continuing to improve our space by installing a TV at the entrance, slatwall on three walls and hanging a canvas of the children's art work. See the colourful photos below!

We have also been ordering more books, welcoming visitors, celebrating victories and working closely with class teachers to link our library lessons with the units of enquiry. We are always finding opportunities to pass on our experience in publishing, research and journalism to the children and continuing to reinforce the library as a place to go to ask questions as well as to enjoy stories.

Read on for more information, or see our Library Page on Planet Peak.....

Fantastic resource for finding good books

Common Sense Media is an incredibly useful website for finding suitable books, movies and games, which are rated by age and given a brief review. The following link is a list of books for children of all ages which you may find useful.

Did you know?

Information about Peak School Library can be found on the Peak School website.

A treasure trove of online resources that will REALLY help with homework can be found on our Peak School Library Netvibes Page.

Before you go out and buy a book, you can search our library catalogue to see if we have it at school.

News, new books, information and learning tools can be found on our library page on Planet Peak.

A quick reminder.....

All library books should be bought into school on the correct library day.
  • Monday: Year 2
  • Tuesday: 6B and Year 4
  • Wednesday: Year 1
  • Thursday: 5T and 5B
  • Friday: 6R and Year 3