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Weekly Update for May 1, 2015

Outstanding News - Vista Oaks Granted Full Accreditation by WASC

Wonderful news! Vista Oaks received notification on Thursday that we have been granted "Initial Accreditation."

What does this mean?

  • Vista Oaks can state and advertise that we are "fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges."
  • Vista Oaks can use the WASC stamp/embosser on our transcripts and diplomas.
  • Vista Oaks can begin the process of submitting courses to the UC Office of the President for a-g approval.
  • Vista Oaks can offer PSAT and other college readiness practice exams.

Is this a big deal?

Yes! For first year charter schools not associated with a larger organization, it is unusual for them to earn "Initial Accreditation" during their first year. Generally, charter schools earn "Candidate Status," which allows some of the benefits and recognition, but not all.

We are thrilled!

Important Upcoming Dates

Century Church Classrooms Closed

  • Tuesday, May 5 through Thursday, May 7 - There will be no classes or appointments at Century Church. Your student's teacher will set up an appointment at a different location for this week only. Please see your teacher for any questions.

Student Art Show

  • Thursday, May 21

8th Grade Promotion

  • Wednesday, May 27 - More information to come.
High School Graduation
  • Wednesday, May 27 - Hutchins Street Square - More information to come.

California State Assessments - Thank You for Your Support!

To Vista Oaks Parents and Students,

Thank you for all your support and patience as we administered the new California State Assessment over the last few weeks. Your participation is greatly appreciated and critical for our success. We learned a tremendous amount from administering the test and will make improvements for next year.

Business Office Moving - Friday, May 8

  • The Business Office Is Moving! By Friday, May 8, we will have moved to a new temporary business office across the parking lot from our new site. We are excited to be just a few feet away from our new site and easily available to contractors as the work continues. The address for the temporary business office will be 369 South Lower Sacramento Road, Suite A.
  • The address for our new site that will open in the fall is 315 South Lower Sacramento Road, Suite A….right next door to Raley's.

Physical Fitness Testing - Tuesday, May 7 at Kofu Park

Who? Students in 5th, 7th, and 9th grade

When? Tuesday, May 7

Where? At Kofu Park

Want more information about the test? Click here to learn more about this state test.

See your teacher if you have any questions.

Update for K - 8 Homeschool

K-8 Homeschooled Families -

  • NWEA Testing on Wednesday May 13th. Please make sure your child is in attendance.
  • Last Enrichment Day for K-6 will be May 20th. We will be having an outdoor party and playing outside games so please have your child dress appropriately. We are in need of drinks and snacks/lunch items for the party. If you are interested in contributing, please notify your teacher.
  • REMINDER that the deadline for reimbursements is May 8th by noon.

Middle School Update

  • 8th Grade Promotion is scheduled for May 27th at Hutchins Street Square at 1:30 pm. Letters were sent out with detailed information on April 13th. If you did not receive a letter, please talk to your child's teacher. Please have your child RSVP to their teacher by May 7th.
  • Campus is closed next week Tues.-Fri.
  • 5th and 7th Graders will be taking the Physical Fitness Test on May 5th at Kofu Park. Your child should have received information regarding this State Mandated test. Please contact your teacher if you did not receive information.
  • NWEA Testing the week of May 18th - 21st.

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