This Week in Online Learning.....

Assignments for the Week of February 18-22

English 1 and English 2:

1A: Finish "Marigolds" Essay; Read "The Sniper" and start the essay.

1B: In Module 2: Do tutorial and Practice Quizzes for "Author's Style" and "Author's Voice" and send me a message to tell me your quiz scores. Do Before Reading, Lit Analysis, and the Selection Quiz for the Emily Dickinson poetry; Complete all assignments for Adjectives and adverbs and take the mastery test.

2A: Finish essay for "A Chip of Glass Ruby"; Read three poems: "Piano,""15" and "Tonight I Can Write"

2B: Read and do the essay for "The New Colossus" and "Who Makes the Journey."

Progress report grades will go in before you know it!

Assignments- English 3 and English 4:

3A: Write the essay for "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"/ Go back to Week 1: Watch the Iroquois video and take the quiz.

3B: After all the assignments in Week 1 are completed, go on to Week 2: Do Before Reading, Vocab, and Selection quiz for Owl Creek; Move on to Week 3: Do "Questions of the Times," and Regionalism and Naturalism Notes assignments.

4A: Well, I still have not received any of my essays for The Canterbury Tales! I'm disappointed! SO....After that is uploaded (hint, hint) go to the next week, and CHOOSE ONLY ONE OF THE THREE POETS: Spenser, Shakespeare, OR Petrarch. (NOT ALL THREE). Do Meet the Author, read THAT POET'S poetry, and write the essay for ONLY THAT POET!

Grades will put submitted for Progress Reports in 2 weeks, so get moving!

If you have questions, send me a message! Don't wait until the last minute to get this stuff done!