November 16, 2015

It's Friday, Friday, everybody's pumped it's Friday!

Friday 13

Quote of the week

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I hope you take the time to enjoy the video below. Collab planning is not always about content. Listen to what the two teachers are saying and think about your experiences in collab planning. What is working?....What is not?....What can YOU do to help improve collab planning? And maybe the most important question....Are you an active participant, or are you just there?
Teacher Collaboration: Spreading Best Practices School-Wide


11/16/15 - Lesson Plans Updated/Posted

11/16/15 - PL with Jenna Barton - Room 816

11/16/15 - PE SLO's Begin

11/16/15 - Roster Verification Due

11/17/15 - Math Workshop Host

11/17/15 - Faculty Meeting - 7:45am

11/19/15 - Dodgeball Tournament

**Formative Observations are taking place this week!**

our attendance matters!

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Check out the October Attendance Winner's Spread!

This Week's Birthdays!...and next week's, too! I didn't forget about you!

11/19/15 - Breanne Wood

11/19/15 - Tressa Mathes

11/20/15 - Tonya Bradley

11/25/15 - Julie Coleman

The BEATLES "Birthday" song

What is your "why"?

What's your why?