Frank Jude

Police Brutality By: Chanler Kroonemeyer

A Vicious Attack on Inmate Occured in Miluakee County Jail.

Two officers(white) beat and stabbed an inmate(black). The attack, according the victim happened over the officers not respecting him and giving him his rights due to his skin color. Also, the officers believed Jude had stolen one the officers police badge and had it in his cell, however no badge was ever found in his possession.

What Happened to the Officers?

The court that prosecuted the officers did not just let the fact that most officers get the benefit of the doubt occur in this case. The jury was very in-depth in their discussion of the case and listen very carefully during the prosecution. Both officers received the most severe punishment, over 15 years in prison, where they are currently are now.

History of Miluakee Jail

  • Number of Inmates-800 capacity but houses over 1400 inmates any given day.
  • When Was It Built- Refurbished in 1992
  • It is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • The new jail has been opened for 24 years.
  • The jail houses both men and women.
  • The jail has three levels of security general pop., protective Custody, and Maximum Security.
  • The inmates are allowed 1 visit per week.
  • The inmates can buy canteen through money sent in by loved ones.
  • Visits can last 1 hour.
  • No physical contact(kissing, hugging,etc)