the capital of Bolívar

features of this city

what's the city like ?

- which is located in northwestern

- It's the capital of Bolivar in Colombia

- It's declared by UNESCO as a heritage of humanity

- IT'S One of the most important seaports of America

- This beautiful city has been chosen for filming numerous movies

- It's has about 20 miles of beach

- It's the largest resort on the Caribbean coast in Colombia


6 museums :

there are 6 museums they are called "Museo de Arte Moderno de Cartagena" " la casa Obregón en Cartagena","museo del maestro Grau","museo historico militar"

and "museo naval del caribe"

the best is "museo naval del caribe" it is located fifty minutes aways from the center of the city, north of the city.


Bagre Frito: this is a fried fish slices with fries and rice.

which is prepared with:

• the slices with lemon juice , salt and pepper is marinating .

• then are allowed to stand one hour .

• Beat the eggs , flour , parsley and seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper .

• The slices Were covered in batter and cooked brown in oil Until On Both Sides .

which are cooked in florida and ladrilleros.


which takes place on January 2 to 6, this is a day / time are Conducts bullfighting in Cartagena de Indias. Toreros of Colombia and the World exhibit A Cartagena and tourists unforgettable show.


MILITARY: is A person who fights for one peacekeeping country.

because we need someone to protect us.

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- It's located in manga, one of the first fortresses in Cartagena

- Single with private dock for customers who prefer to use boats to reach the restaurant

- It's overlooks the old city, the modern city and the marina of yachts and sailboats

- Customers enjoy good music and bossa nova, Latin jazz, Cuban son and boleros

- It's ideal for events such as weddings and corporate meetings

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- It's located on the peninsula of El Laguito

- The hotel has 341 luxury rooms

- Has a direct view of the Caribbean Sea

- It's located 10 minutes from the walled city

- Have private beaches

- It's resembles a ship sailing on the ocean

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