Spring 2016 Newsletter

Ocean AB and Environmental Science B

Assignment Due Date: Jan. 28th

18 week students
  • All assignments from Jan 15-Jan 28th will be due
16 week students
  • All assignments from Jan 19-Jan 28 will be due.


Just a reminder that discussions are designed to enhance your learning experience. They should be more than just telling someone they did a good job.

•For each discussion, you should post your original response then respond to TWO other students.

•All postings must be AT LEAST 6 sentences to get full credit. This allows you to continue the discussion and encourage the class to think about the topic in a new way.

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  • Grades for 18 week students have been updated.
  • Click on the dropboxes, quizzes, and the grades section to check your grade in your class.
  • If you did not submit an assignment on time, you received a zero for that assignment.
  • Please contact Mrs. Root if you have a question about an assignment.

Late Work

  • Please be aware of the pacing guide and due dates for all assignments.
  • Extensions past the last day of school will NOT be granted.
  • Student work is due biweekly on THURSDAY at midnight. Check course schedules for specific due dates.
  • Work turned in after the deadline on the course schedule will be accepted within 3 school days with a late penalty assessed. Late penalty begins on Friday and is deducted at a rate of 10% of the assignment value per school day. Work submitted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is considered 1 day late.

Weekly Chat

Just a reminder that weekly chats will typically be on Monday nights at 8pm.

•You are NOT required to attend the session each week. They are NOT considered a grade.

•They are designed to enhance your online learning experience.

•Check the Weekly Update news announcement for the specific date and time for the chat each week.