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November 4, 2013 - Austin Elementary

Please send a 4 X 6 photo of your student's grandparents by MONDAY!

The week of October 28th

  • Monday- Book Fair PReview 8:40

P.E day- wear tennis shoes

  • Tuesday-LIbrary, Return Your Books!
  • Wednesday- Book Fair Purchase

Wear a College Shirt! (P.E Day- wear tennis shoes!)

  • Thursday- Kindergarten walk to the Duck Pond - Students NEED A SACK LUNCH
  • Friday- GRANDPARENTS' DAY, eTime and Runner's Club!

Next Monday, November 11th - Veteran's Day Assembly

Unit: Turkeys

Sight Wordshe, for

he, for

Word Family: -at

Math: Patterns

Math: Patterns

Science: Migration

Thank you!

Thank you to all the parents who sent in items and gave up their time to help with our fall festival! The kids had a great time (and so did I)!

Want to see pictures of the fall festival but don't have a twitter account? I have embedded my twitter feed into my web site. See it here: tinyurl.com/mcnemek2