Walt Disney

By Caleice

A biography...

Who was Walt Disney ?

Walt Disney was born December 5th 1901 in Chicago in an upstairs room.Walt Disney’s mom had five kids.Walt Disney went to school when he was seven years old.Walt Disney did not like going to school with his sister.Walt Disney moved to Kansas City when he was nine year old.Walt Disney liked being the class clown.Walt Disney’s dad died after building their house.

What did he do ?

What Walt Disney was 17 or 18 he and his brother started a film studio.He made children movies and adult movies.Walt Disney's first cartoon was Mickey Mouse.

What was his impact on the world ?

Walt Disney came up with the name Mickey Mouse because he had a pet mouse and named it Mickey.Walt Disney was 18 when he moved out the house.Walt Disney joined the war for one year.Walt was 56 when he died and sadly he did not get to see Disney World.

Should we be more like him ?

I think we should be like him because Walt Disney never gave up and without him there would be no princess movies or Mickey Mouse or Disney channel without Walt Disney there would be no Disneyland or Disney world.Walt Disney was a hard worker.He would work on movies for about ten hour.Half the day almost.That all about Walt Disney that I know.

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