AES Newsletter

January 2015

Happy Holidays!!!

I can't believe the first half of the school year is coming to an end. We have a lot happening 2nd semester. We are every excited about some of the fun things that are scheduled. Our band and choirs did a great job with their Holiday Concerts.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of happiness, love and good health,

Miss Carpenter

Happy Birthday

Andrews, Madison L. 12/1

Brown, DeAndre 12/1

Embury, Joseph M. 12/1

Prentiss, Paige T. 12/1

Dunsmore, Jacob R. 12/2

Granquist, Jonathan D. 12/2

Wines, Stacia N. 12/2

Carlson, Aliya L. 12/3

Daugherty, Abbigail K. 12/4

Tucker, Kiley L. 12/4

Tucker, Molly 12/4

Forgette, Matthew D. 12/5

Weatherford, Kylee 12/5

White, Dezirae C. 12/5

Jamerson Berry, Mauricio M. 12/6

Taylor, Jacob 12/7

Golden, Atreyu J. 12/9

Sproule, Abigail R. 12/9

Casey, Gabriella 12/11

Massey, Bridget E. 12/11

Emerton, Madison M. 12/12

Voss, Mikayla L. 12/12

Austin, Hayden C. 12/13

Snider, Eric 12/13

Stewart, Malyk 12/13

Thouin, Sarah M. 12/13

Heilner, Saige L. 12/15

Davis, DeMontrey 12/16

Shell, Mataya K. 12/17

Bates, Maximus 12/19

Bidwell, Rayanna N. 12/20

McDowell, Logan A. 12/20

Spivey-Pipkin, Tristan P. 12/22

Pickens, Jayden T. 12/23

Wolverton, Madison M. 12/24

Forster, Phillip J. 12/27

Davis, Alonna M. 12/31

Healthy Holidays for Families

Below are some links to Healthy Holidays.

Atherton Schools Healthy Pinterest Page:

Healthy Christmas Treats:,,20324042,00.html