Weekly Contact Lenses

Weekly Contact Lenses Are Affordable, Comfortable and Easily Maintained

Myopia (short sight) and Hyper- metropia (long sight) is corrected by using spectacles. But the beauty of the face reduces by using spectacles. It is better to use contact lens which does not show that a person is wearing glass to correct his vision. Before the lens was made of glass which was not so easy to handle. Constant usage of the same lens may cause infections in the eye. We are giving the best soft disposable eye lenses. These lenses may be used for sight or for fashion. We have weekly contact lenses which can be disposed of after using for a week.

The disposable contact lenses have to be cleaned every night so that there are no deposits of calcium, proteins or lipids on it. If such deposits develop then eye irritation or infection starts. As we discard the old lens there is a clear vision. Messy cleaning solutions are not required here when you use our lens. If you lose the lens then you can just discard it and take a new package. It is really easy to use our weekly disposable contact lenses. There are colored lenses as required by out fashionable customers.

Our lenses disposable and thus they do need minimum disinfection cleaning or mere cleaning. Many people prefer our disposable contact lenses as the eyes are not infected by continuous use of the same lens. We advice our customers to take the recommendation from an ophthalmologist for using the contact lens. The sight has to be measured properly for getting the perfect lens. For the people who were using spectacles, the disposable lens may prove to be costly. But the cost you pay is worth as there are no infections and easy maintenance. We have affordable prices which attracts the customers.

The customers have to decide the number of lens they like to purchase. Soft contact lenses are preferred by many people as it is comfortable for the eye and gives good vision also. We have lenses which block the UV rays which are an additional protection for your eyes. Most of the vision problems are corrected by using our disposable lenses. People whose eyes are sensitive like to use our soft disposable lens as it does not cause irritation or create any infections. As our lenses are disposable the chances of deposits building up is less.

It is better not to use tap water for cleaning the lenses. Some of our customers make mistake of cleaning the lenses with distilled water, saliva or saline solutions made at home. Such cleaning solutions have proteins or bacteria which may create problems on your cornea. It is always better to use the prescribed solution for cleaning.

Our advice to customers is not to sleep or swim with the contact lenses’ in their eyes. While swimming the lens tends to get in contact with the saline water and thus there are deposits developed. While sleeping it is always better to give the eye an easy sleep. With the lens it is not easy to get a good sleep.