Spectacular Sea Anemone

By: Alana Kimball


These unique creatures have battles with one another, are named after a flower, and can live up to 80 years! What is this extraordinary organism? The spectacular sea anemone! These animals have a very enthralling environment, mesmerizing movement, and an appealing appearance and body structure.


As you can see, these organisms have a very fascinating habitat, movement, appearance and body structure. As stated earlier, these organisms can ride on crab backs! I am very interested in this unique organism and the interesting facts such as stated above, and I hope you are too!

Think Tank


Some Haiku For You

Read these interesting haiku's about sea anemones, coral, and the ocean! C≋

Coral reefs are gone

Being destroyed every day

Help save the coral!

Sea anemone

So majestic and pretty

Please stay strong for me

The ocean is great

Full of wildlife and fun

Save them before gone

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I Spy

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Below is my picture of my diorama about sea anemones and other organisms. The other animals includes coral, an octopus, a clown fish, a lobster, a jellyfish, a dolphin, and a shark.

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Go Fish

Designing my aquarium in “Go Fish” was very fun, while challenging at times. My group decided to do a theme of under the sea with some neon pop since we both love the ocean and neon, so we went with a background of coral, sea anemone, and other sea animals. We also decided to buy some fake seaweed and plants, a log so the fishes would be able to have a place to hide, a bridge so the fish could also hide there, and swimming sea turtle decorations. We also bought neon gravel for the fish to give a nice pop, which I really enjoy. After adding up all of the prices of the decorations fish tank, and other items to help make the fish tank work properly, we came to a total of $142.90 including tax. Since our budget was $250.00, we still had $104.94 to spend on fish! With lots of money for the saltwater fish since we decided to buy salt, we bought eight fish in total. Some fish include the Blue Damsel; a pretty two inch blue fish, a Green Mandarin Goby; a rainbow one inch fish, the Strawberry Dottyback; a pink polka dot fish, and a Crowntail Betta; a beautiful blue fish with pretty “fringe” on the top and bottom of the fish. Some of the other fish that we bought includes the Bloodfin Tetra; a shiny grey fish with red spots around the fins, the Glowlight Tetra; an almost rainbow fish with a nice glow, the Glofish Galactic fish; a dark purple/pink fish that can glow in the dark, and a Black Racer Nerite Snail which is a black water snail to clean the glass of our fish tank. In total the fish and snail costed $48.58, and the subtotal inches of fish was 16 inches. In total we only spent $191.48. I really enjoyed the “Go Fish” unit and I learned very important skills that will help me all throughout life.



Watch a sea anemone move in time lapse and a song about clownfish and sea anemone!


Time lapse . Sea anemone moving over seaweed
clown fish and sea anemone
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