"Determination today, leads to success tomorrow"

Determination in Music

In the music industry, things are bound to get tough. Whether it's auditioning, or trying to start a band, there are times when you might feel like the world is turning upside down. This can often result to dangerous and unnecessary indulges. The solution, however is not easy. Sleepless nights, hours of work, and practicing, are all apart of the determination process. You might have heard of a band called Aerosmith. In 1979, Aerosmith broke up because of their excessive use of drugs and alcohol. This made them not play well, or be focused. The band collapsed. Once out of rehab, Steven Tyler, the lead singer was determined to get Aerosmith back up on its feet. With fellow band mate Joe Perry, they gathered their old crew and started from scratch. With a positive kind of attitude, Aerosmith started fresh from the bottom, and soon came back to the top. Determination is definitely a characteristic that is needed on any musical journey.

Determination in War-Hero's

To have true character, you need to have the ability to still be determined when you are in a pernicious situation. This trait is becoming a minority. Psychologically, it is human nature for a person to run away or avoid a problem when it strikes. General Robert E. Lee and General Omar Bradly are a couple of the select few, that have administered true character. Fighting for the Confederate army in the American Civil War, General Lee always believed in his troops. In his time as a general, the Confederate army was always short of men. It was not surprising when troops felt like giving up, and confided in wanting to abandon their post. Determined, General Lee strove to be an optimistic leader, and tried to give the troops the hope they had lost. One of his tactics was too tell them about military strategies that had a high chance of working. Similarly, General Omar Bradly was determined to get his troops charismatic and have faith that good would win, however, in the World War II time period. General Bradley would often cheer them up with reassurance and hope, just like General Robert E. Lee. The uniqueness of General Bradley is that he would always put his troops up

by making them confident by complementing their military techniques and stratigies. In conclusion, determination can take many forms, but can also have the same effect.

Determination in the Movie Industry

Throughout her life, Audrey Hepburn has effortlessly seemed to capture the eyes and hearts of the audience that watched her. However, Audrey Hepburn struggled before she became the iconic actress she was, and still is today. As a child, Audrey experienced the tragedies of WWII and the Holocaust, including the loss of her father. In her early 20’s Audrey came to America, hoping to elaborate on her career in ballet. As a shy, introverted person, she was shocked when a producer wanted her to be casted in the film ‘Roman Holiday’ with Gregory Peck. However, with a determined state of mind, Audrey persevered through the hardship, and eventually earned an Oscar for best actress for her film. Soon after Audrey did her first major film, as much as she was adored, people questioned her about her skinniness, and often came to the illusion that she was anorexic or bulimic. This resulted to terrible rumors, and intimidation from the media. However, Audrey was strong and determined enough to get through the difficulties of being in show business, and did her best to eradicate any such rumors. Much later in her life, Audrey Hepburn was diagnosed with appendiceal cancer at age 62, by this time, she just returned back from Somalia, helping with the turmoil there, along with UNICEF. When she found out about her condition, Audrey wanted to still make a difference in the world. As persevering and determined as she was, Audrey tried to still help with UNICEF, but sadly, couldn’t because her cancer situation had escalated. Audrey Hepburn died the following year at age 63. She will always be remembered for her determined state of mind, sense of character, and how she always tried to ‘give back’ to the world.
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Determination in Scientists

Marie Skłodowska-Curie was a female scientist living in the 18th century. Marie always loved science. Ever since she was a child, her governess always devoted her time to read Marie books about scientific findings and how the world worked. Marie always had a determined personality. As she got more and more interested in physics, she wanted to get a doctorate. However, many acquaintances warned her of how hard it was to do so, because of her gender. Marie wanted to prove them wrong, so she poured herself into her work, determined to show the others what she could do. Marie soon became more blunt and started to be more isolated in her work. Luckily, her husband, Pierre, helped console her. Soon, Marie made astonishing discoveries about radioactivity. But her success came at price. The excessive amounts of radioactivity that she dealt with, had infected her. However, she worked till the end of her life. Although this statement is polemical, she is known as the best scientist since Charles Darwin. Because of her productive and accommodating personality traits, she risked her life to make scientific discoveries thought to be impossible.

Determination in Literature

in 1993, Joanne Katherine Rowling had returned to Portugal with no money and one child. When she divorced her husband, she was determined to make something out of herself. Due to her financial problems, Rowling spent lots of time in cafe's to keep warm. Soon, she took up writing. This is how she started to come up with the idea of 'Harry Potter'. One day when she got stuck on a train, Rowling started writing about the ideas she thought of in the cafe's. In 4 hours, she conjured up on napkins, what is now, the first book of Harry Potter. Her bad situation caused her to make the most of what she had. Her talent. From then on, she created a whole series based on her character Harry Potter. This success resulted in her being one of the richest woman in the world. Because of J.K Rowling's determination and grit, she became the person we know of today.
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