Karankawa Indians

BY:Luke and Asher and Paxton


They didn't wear much clothing.The women wore grass skirts and men and children went naked.They covered themselves in animal fat and grease to keep bugs away.They put tattoos on themselves from head to toe with cool designs . They also pierced themselves too.

Way of life

Way of life

They were hunters and fisherman. They hunted small animals and birds. They captured warrior leaders and killed them to take the magic powers.They treated some people way better than others.

Geographic region

They lived along the Gulf of Mexico in the Costal Plains Region .


They were hunters,and a myth was they were cannibals.they were pretty.

They hunted with long bows.communicated with smoke signals.


Their houses were small huts made of long tree trunks or limbs bent over and tied.

Where are they now

They are not living anymore.They all died out in the mid - 1800 by diseases.

Interesting facts

They invented the long bows.

They traveled by land and canoe.

Karankawa means dog lover.


Dog - kiss

knife - silakay

Alligator - hoko

bow - gai

chief - halba

cloth - kwiss

Snake - aud

laugh - kaita