Drift X, Slide or DIe

Author, Todd Strasser

About the book.

Slide or die is part of a series called Drift X.

It is the first book of the series, talks about a 17 year old kid named Kennin moves to a new town, he moves to a place where drifting cars is popular, he tries to avoid all of that but he is just to good of a driver, and in love with cars, he cant resist.

kennin has a dark past thanks to drifting, but that doesn't stop him, he becomes friends with Tito who also loves cars, they work together at a casino washing cars in a valet parking they enjoy this because they get to see fancy cars that rich people bring.

Kennin accidentally reveals his driving skills to Tito and other people when they run away from cops, now everybody at school knows what he can do and the top drifters challenge him to a race down the mountains, kennin trys to avoid the race but is pressured into it and with people calling him names plus the $1000 price money he needs he cant say no.

About the author

Todd Strasser

Likes to write about his own experience and he like to write about how young kids see the world.

He gets most of his ideas from visiting schools and talking to young teens about what they like or would want, he likes to observe teens to see how they act or do and that's how he gets ideas for a book.

Todd Strasser

Was born on May 5, 1950.

Is currently living in New York City, works on young adult novels and non fiction books.

He mostly focus's on teen books about teens life, school life, and school shootings, and others.click here to visit his website. http://toddstarsser.com