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Educating Teachers About Good Health!

Thank you for your support, we have had some awesome results!!!

We are excited to report that over the summer we have had a tremendous success with Teachers all over the country. Here are a few of their successes!!!

We would also like to invite you to participate in our Free Newsletters that we have been working hard on over the summer. So please contact us and let us know how we can help!!!

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Bess from Mississippi has had a tremendous amount of success on her journey to optimal health!!! She is more active with the kids and excited with the results she is seeing!!!

If Your Goal Is Weight Loss

For those individuals tired of fad diets and who actually want a real solution, we are anxious to help you. First, we will assign you a FREE personal Health Coach for one-on-one coaching to ensure your success. Second, we will present you a weight loss program that is backed by science and has been studied extensively for its effectiveness and safety. Finally, we promise you won’t have to count calories anymore, you won’t be asked to attend an exercise boot camp, and you won’t feel hungry all the time. You will simply be asked to change what you eat.

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If Your Goal Is Health

If you are already at a healthy weight or have a program that is already working for you, then we recommend you participating in our FREE wellness classes. These weekly classes are offered onsite (where applicable) or via live webinars and are full of information that will help you accomplish your goals. We cover many health topics, such as:

  • Eating for better health.
  • Implementing an exercise or activity plan.
  • Why sleep is critical for optimal health.
  • How insulin effects whether we are storing energy as fat or using it as fuel.

There are many more topics we cover that will help guide you down the path to optimal health.

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It's easier than you might think to be healthy as a Teacher

Let's face it, being a teacher can be tough on your health. Between creating lesson plans, teaching classes, grading papers, contacting parents and your own personal family time, it is often difficult to find time for "YOU". When this happens it is easy to watch helplessly as your health declines.

It's not as hard as you might think to take the little bit of "YOU" time that you do have to become healthier. The answer is found at The Teachers' Health Coach.

The most talented and successful people in the world all use coaches to achieve greater success; the same is true for health and well being. Getting to a healthy weight is incredibly powerful for improving one's health, but keeping it off is the key. The Teachers' Health Coach is specifically created to help teachers get healthy and stay healthy. Best of all, the coaching is free!