Where your home feels like a vacation.

The Basics

Chile is located in the Southern South America between Argentina and Peru. It is bordering the South Pacific Ocean. There Climate is in the 80's for about 4 months out of the year. During the rest of the year it varies from the upper 80's to even lower 70's. If your looking for somewhere warm and inviting Chile is a great place for you to visit.


Climate type

The Climate type varies from where you are in Chile because it extends so far North and South. It is like a desert in the North. In the central region it would it is a Mediterranean. In the Southern part of the region it is cool and damp. For the most part it doesn't rain it's more of a heavy mist.

How to fit in

Their official language is Spanish being that 99.5% of them speak it. Only 10.2% speak English as there 1st language. Some Folkways of Chile is that you can marry whoever you want. But it is rare that you see a couple living with each other before they are married. The typical family size usually has about 4 people in it.

Taboos and Values of Chile

Just like in any country there are some dos and don'ts. Some taboos of Chile is that you don't say no. It is a sign of disrespect in this country. If you go over to a friend or family's house you are not allowed to eat unless you are invited too. The hostess will invite you to sit down and start eating. Another one is if they stand really close to you not to feel offended. Of course they have values as well. Most Chileans are Roman Catholics. It defines there Social and Political life. There religion means so much to them. Even in Schools it Religion plays a major factor. In public school it is almost exclusivly Roman Catholic.