what are loggerhead sea turtles?

loggerhead sea turtles are known for there rather large heads and tight biting jaws. Logger heads are an endangered species in North Carolina for many reasons. Logger head sea turtles nest along beaches where people go to swim and have fun and leave there trash behind. Although this may seem like it is not a big deal it really is. When sea turtles hatch they have to crawl from the dunes all the way to the sea in their first few minutes of life, this means that when their is trash in their way they may not be able to get around the trash and may fail to ever get to the ocean before they die. Another reason many believe the beautiful turtles are becoming extinct is because of Net fishing. Net fishing is the practice of where fisherman put out clear nets so that the fish will swim into the nets and get caught in them.

laws or rules to help the turtles?

there have been laws passed to help the turtles living in the wild. Now net fishing has pretty much been cut off and fisherman are not able to use this method anymore, unless they are in a certain area. There have also been some beach community's which have made laws to keep trash and cigarette buds off the beaches. There are now a few small organisations that have helped in getting injured turtles back healthy and back into the wild.
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