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Primary Talent Pool and Enrichment

November 2015

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Welcome To The Monthly Newsletter for PTP/Enrichment

A resource to enrich your child's interests and expand on new learning

How Are K-3 Students Served in Primary Talent Pool?

Students who have been identified in PTP may be served in their homeroom by their teacher and/or serviced in a pull out program with Mrs. Berlin. Students who are involved with the pull out services with Mrs. Berlin have scored high on their MAP scores and/or have had a teacher recommendation to participate.

Focus During Pull Out Services for Primary Talent Pool in the Month of November


Students have been working on reading nonfiction articles on a first grade reading level. We have been working with understanding paragraphs are made up of sentences and sentences are made up of words. The articles typically deal with Science or Social Studies related concepts.

First Grade


Students have been working digitally on comprehension skills while reading nonfiction text from online children's newspapers.


Students have been working on 2nd grade level mathematical modules (Mr. Wolfe's Interactive Whiteboard Math Games and Calculation Nation from NCTM) dealing with numbers and operations while using: a hundreds chart to solve scenario questions, using a number line with whole numbers and fractional amounts, and missing addends.

Second Grade


Students have been working on informational text and learn the components of reading nonfiction text above grade level: purpose, use, and writing.


Students have been working on 3rd grade level mathematical modules dealing with numbers and operations.

Third Grade


Students have been working on reading informational text and learn the components of reading nonfiction text above grade level: purpose, use, and writing.


Students have been working on numbers and operation activities and projects that are above grade level. These activities and projects (problem based learning) typically come from Problem of The Week (POW) at Drexel University, the National Council of Teacher for Mathematics (NCTM), and NextLesson.

We have been working with area and perimeter while looking at multiplication. We have been coders for MineCraft, designers of dog kennels, and much more. The students have Math notebooks that have their projects in them this will allow you to see their work and thinking.

Articles For Enriching Your Child

Math Article:

Essential Understanding and more




Devloping The Potential Of The Gifted Reader


Parenting For High Potential

Parenting for High Potential is the magazine designed for parents who want to make a difference in their children's lives, who want to develop their children's gifts and talents, and who want to help them develop their potential to the fullest.

March/April 2015

Websites or Apps For Enrichment





Apps for Gifted Kids

When my kids were young, folks started getting Personal Computers. A few had Macs, most had PCs. Now this sounds like "the dark ages," but my kids are still in school! More and more of us have smart phones or tablets, mostly based on either Apple or Android operating systems. And whatever we want to do, "There's an app for that!"

Here's a quick list of popular apps for gifted kids. The apps are arranged by ages... preschoolers, young school-age kids, and older kids and teens. There are also apps for parents: apps for tracking your homeschooling efforts, and even apps for tracking your knitting! Enjoy! And if you find an app your kids, or you, just adore, please tell us about it! carolyn@hoagiesgifted.org

Apple apps are sold through the Apple Apps store. Android apps are available either through the Android Market, or through the Amazon App Store. Remember to check the Amazon App Store for their daily free app, often a regularly-priced app available only briefly for free.

Animoto (iPad)Turn your photos into stunning, professional-quality videos, complete with music and text... Also Animoto PC application (free)
Aqueduct (iPad/iPhone)Aqueduct – a world of jumbled waterways and mixed-up pipelines. It's up to you to rearrange the tracks and restore the flow. Locked gates, shifty conveyor belts, puzzling warp portals, and more stand between you and order. Over 200 unique puzzles... ($2.99) Also Aqueduct 101 (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) with 48 different challenges (free)
BananaGrams (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)Award winning game that will drive you bananas! Just like the board game, Scrabble without a board, played against yourself in a race against your opponents or the clock... (paid $0.99)
BrainPop Featured Movie (iPad)Watch a different animated movie every day, then test your new knowledge with an interactive quiz... (free)
Chicktionary Lite (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)Unscramble a roost full of letters and create as many words as possible. Each hen bears a letter. Touch the hens and spell out a word, then watch as the word appears below them. Press Enter to submit the word (free for Lite version, $1.99 forChicktionary for the iPad)
CargoBot (iPad)A puzzle game where users teach a robot how to move crates; create this game programmed entirely on iPad using Codea
Code Academy: Hour of Code (iPhone/iPad)learn to use JavaScript to create an animation, in an hour! Available for the iPhone/iPad or PC
DC Comics (iPad/iPhone and Android)Download and enjoy great comic books from DC Comics current weekly offerings plus their vast, legendary classics library.Check out Tiny Titans... (free)
Daisy the Dinosaur (iPad)Free, fun app with simple drag and drop interface that kids of all ages can use to animate Daisy to dance across the screen
DragonBox (Android and iPad)Become an algebra star in no time! It doesn't matter if you hate maths or love it; you'll enjoy this game. In just one hour of playing, you will master difficult algebraic equations. Impress your friends, parents or even your teacher. Or simply prove to yourself that you are smart. The fast track to understanding algebra... $2.99 for theiPad. Review from Wired: GeekDad

DragonBox Algebra 5+ (Android and iPad)

DragonBox Algebra 12+ (Android and iPad)

DragonBox Elements (Android and iPad)

Evernote (Android and iPad)Easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders--and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go... (free)
Fractals (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)Move and pinch and fractals in real-time! Explore Mandelbrot and Julia sets, select between multiple equations and enter your own values for Julia sets. Save fractals to your photos and share with friends or save them to your Fractals album... ($2.99)
Frog Dissection (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and Android)Move and pinch and fractals in real-time! Explore Mandelbrot and Julia sets, select between multiple equations and enter your own values for Julia sets. Save fractals to your photos and share with friends or save them to your Fractals album... ($2.99)
Game About Squares (iPad/iPhone and Android and PC/Mac) (free)
GeoBee Challenge (iPad and Android) by National GeographicIn the multiple-choice round, answers come from a library of more than 1300 National Geographic Bee questions. In the map challenge round, zoom, pinch and tap your way to find spots on an interactive map from a catalog of 1000+ locations. For an added challenge, bonus rounds include National Geographic photographs; you have to locate what's in the photo on the interactive map...but you don't know where the photo was taken or what is in the picture! The faster you answer, the more points you get... For grades 4-8 ($1.99)
Glogster (PC only, see Rover for iPad)create GLOGS - online multimedia posters - with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings (PC version uses Flash editor). (free)
Google Earth (Android and iPad)Explore the world from the palm of your hand... (free)
Google Goggles (Android and iPad)Search the real world by taking a picture. Image recognition technology to recognize objects and return relevant search results... (free)
Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers (iPad and Android)Learn JavaScript. No programming knowledge is required. Go from beginner, to coder, to hacker in both the single player mode and on the battlefield. The more students code by hand, the more points they receive to unlock ultimate weapons for a “battle royale” in the gaming arena. In-game leaderboards rank users against their friends, taking rivalry to a new level...
Hopscotch (iPad)Teaches kids to code using simple, intuitive building blocks. Create games, animations and other programs in this colorful, interactive environment. Program characters to move, draw and collide with each other, and use shaking, tilting, or even shouting at the iPad to control them. Inspired by MIT’s Scratch...
Khan Academy (iPad)A convenient way to watch Khan Academy videos.... not the full Khan Academy experience (free)
KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun (iPad/iPhone)Teaches number recognition, counting and math to pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and elementary school aged children using flash cards and puzzle games... (free)
LightBot (iPad and Android) Also LightBot Jr 4+, LightBot - One Hour Coding (free)Get kids hooked on coding in minutes! Lightbot is a programming puzzle game; a game whose game mechanics require using programming logic to solve levels. Guide a robot to light up tiles and solve levels using commands, Lightbot cultivates a real understanding of procedures, loops, and conditionals for players...
Minds of Modern Mathematics (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)Takes you on an interactive journey that spans nearly 1,000 years. It tells the story of mathematics and how it has impacted almost every aspect of human progress, from science to music, art, architecture, and culture (from IBM)... (free)
Minim (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)Obliterate molecules by combining connected atoms, reducing the subatomic matter to a single particle. Become a minimalist in no time... ($1.99)
Move the Turtle (iPad) Teaches children the basics of creating computer programs, using intuitive graphic commands, using the Logo programming language. A friendly Turtle will introduce your child step by step to the basic concepts of programming in a colourful graphic environment...
NASA (Android and iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)The Official NASA App. Includes a collection of stunning images, videos, mission information, news, NASA TV, mission status and more... (free)
Numbers League (iPad)Clever use of basic math skills will save the day. The more you play the sharper these skills will become until no villain is safe from your numerical onslaught... ($3.99)
Oregon Trail (Android and iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)The Official NASA App. Includes a collection of stunning images, videos, mission information, news, NASA TV, mission status and more... ($0.99) Also available, Oregon Trail American Settler (Android andiPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
PDANet (Android)Shares your phone's Internet connection with your computer and does not require rooting your phone! (free for 30 days, creates but does NOT require tethering)
Pixelogic Daily (iPad)Puzzle game using hints and logic to reveal a hidden picture made of colored tiles. Numeric hints are used to uncover a pixelated surprise... (free)
Planets (iPad)3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers, including Sky 2D: locate planets with flat view of sky, Sky 3D: planetarium style view of the sky, Visibility: find out when planet will be visible, and Globe: rotating 3D globe of planets and moon (free)
Presidents vs. Aliens Lite (iPad)Learn presidential facts, quotes, nicknames and historical events, and use your knowledge to help the presidents defeat the aliens. Fling the presidents at the aliens to knock them all down. Use the many special objects and "Executive Powers" to increase the fun! Collect all 44... (free for Lite version, $0.99 for Presidents vs. Aliens)
Presidents! (iPad/iPhone)Learn about presidents from Washington to Obama through visual recognition. Multiple choice quiz to track your progress, keeps you challenged by remembering what you got right and wrong. Browse the presidents to become more familiar; each president has a full biography... ($0.99)
Rover (iPad)Enhances the K-12 education experience, bringing the best online learning content to your iPad, including access to content ordinarily available on the Apple tablet (e.g. Flash content) (free)
Scramble With Friends (Android and iPad/iPod/iPhone)It's like Boggle at home, now for your handheld devices. Play against friends via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter (terribly addictive). It is possible for kids to play against random opponents and those opponents to contact your child via the game chat.
SET Game (iPad/iPod/iPhone) (Android)SET, the classic card game of visual perception. Match or don't match three shapes, colors, shading and number of items on each card. For multi-touch, multi-player action, try SET Pro HD (iPad/iPod/iPhone).
SimplePhysics (iPad/iPhone and soon, Android)Design complex structures for everything from tree houses to ferris wheels and then simulate your design with a sophisticated physics engine... (free)
SketchBook Pro (iPad and Android)Professional-grade paint and drawing application... ($4.99 iPad or Android)
Sky Map (Android)Turn your Android device into a window on the night sky... previously called Google Sky, now open source (free)
Smithsonian Channel App (iPad or Android)Smithsonian Channel’s original series, documentaries and fun facts, full episodes and hundreds of video clips... (free)
Space Physics Lite (Android)Puzzle classic with over 2800 levels, ranging in difficulty from 'kids' to 'impossible.' Solve levels for fun, or try for the par score... play for years! (free for Lite version, $1.99 for Space Physics)
Stack the Countries Lite (iPad)Learn country capitals, landmarks, geographic locations and more, you can actually touch, move and drop the animated countries anywhere on the screen. Carefully build a stack of countries that reaches the checkered line to win each level... (free for Lite version, $0.99 for Stack the Countries)
Stack the States Lite (iPad)Learn state capitals, shapes, geographic locations and more, you can actually touch, move and drop the animated states anywhere on the screen. Carefully build a stack of states that reaches the checkered line to win each level... (free for Lite version, $0.99 for Stack the States)
Story Dice by ThinkamingoAnother pair of story-creation apps, for Android and iTunes devices.
Tetravex (Android)Classic puzzle game where pieces must be positioned so that the same numbers are touching each other... (free for Tetravex, $1.49 for Tetravex Pro)
Touch Physics (iPad)Draw shapes with a crayon that come to life. These shapes interact with the wheel, causing it to move according to physical laws. When it reaches the star, the level is complete. Beware, this is not as simple as it sounds! ($1.99)
Trainyard (iPad/iPhone)Easy to learn but very tough to master. Your job is to get each train to a goal station. Red trains go to red stations, blue trains go to blue stations, etc. You control the trains by drawing track for them to follow. There isn't a time limit or even a score; the only thing you need to do is figure out a solution for each puzzle. ($2.99)
Unblock Me (Android and iPad/iPod/iPhone)Ssimple and addictive puzzle game. Get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way, 4200 puzzles in four difficulty levels...
Vexed Pro (Android)Puzzle classic with over 2800 levels, ranging in difficulty from 'kids' to 'impossible.' Solve levels for fun, or try for the par score... play for years! (free)
Ultimate Dinopedia (iPad) by National GeographicDig into more than 700 dinos with National Geographic’s interactive Dinopedia! ($4.99)
Where's My Water? Free (iPad and Android)Swampy the Alligator lives in the sewers under the city. He is a little different from the other alligators — he’s curious, friendly, and loves taking a shower after a hard day at work. The other alligators have damaged his plumbing and disrupted the water flow. Help Swampy by guiding water to his shower! (free version, $0.99 for Where's My Water?, iPad andAndroid)
WolframAlpha (iPad and Android)Remember the Star Trek computer? It's finally happening--with Wolfram|Alpha. Building on 25 years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the world's definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation! ($2.99)
Words With Friends (Android and iPad/iPod/iPhone)Your favorite crossword game, now for your handheld devices. Play against friends via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter (terribly addictive). It is possible for kids to play against random opponents and those opponents to contact your child via the game chat.
X Construction (Android)Build a bridge with the given amount of materials to let the train safely cross the valley. Great physics game. (Lite version is free, and I haven't gotten through it yet...)
Online Contests

Opportunities to participate in contests within different content areas


The World’s Largest Halloween Party is happening again this year at the Louisville Zoo:

October 2–4, 8–11, 15–18, 22–25 & 29–30, 2015. Start Your Party 5 until 8:30 p.m.

The Spirits of LaGrange Ghost Tour is a two-hour candlelit walking tour. The tour takes you inside locations with about eight stops along the way for a distance of 12 blocks. The tours run Friday and Saturday evenings in September - October. Tours depart from the Oldham County History Center 106 North Second Avenue (West Courthouse Square) and cost $18.

Bass Pro Shops will have FREE Halloween Events in October!

Kentucky Renaissance Fair 2nd Annual Corn Maze & Fall Nights from October 2nd – October 31st. Weekends


Literally, A Haunted House at the Culbertson MansIon. Visit these Weekends: October 2 & 3, 9 & 10, 16 & 17, 23 & 24, 30 & 31 (Halloween, of course). This one is not for the faint of heart so may be better for older tweens and teens.

Deere Farms Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch, Southern Indiana’s LARGEST Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch attraction. They are open September 26th and run through November 2nd.

Pirates of PRP is located at Seaforth Drive, Louisville, KY 40258 for the Pirate/Halloween lovers in us all! View the yard display, Sept. 20 - Oct. 31.

The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular is from October 8th– November 1st, will be held in Iroquois Park with 5,000 carved pumpkins lining a 1⁄4-mile walking trail, illuminated at night as an “art show” daily from dusk to 11 p.m. during the week (Sunday-Thursday) and midnight on Friday & Saturday.

Family Fun Saturday: Creepy Kentucky Join the Kentucky Historical Society on October 10th, 17th, 24th and 31 from 1-4pm. From old-fashioned fortunetelling games to Kentucky ghost stories discover the Halloween traditions of the Commonwealth. For kids ages 5-10 and their families. Free admission does not include Kentucky Historical Society museums.

Jeffersonville Halloween Downtown will be held on Monday, Oct. 26th 6-8pm. Event will begin at Big 4 Station and is open to kids 12 & under. FREE!

Jack-GLOW-Lantern Fall Festival: Friday 10/30 from 6pm-9pm at River Valley Christian Church. Glow games, s'mores, chili & dessert cook-off, pumpkin carving and decorating contest. Food available for purchase.

The F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop takes place Oct. 30th. Trolleys run from 6:00 pm until 10:30 pm.

Haunted Halls at Beechmont Community Center is October 30th from 7-10pm. It is $2 a person and 6 and under

is free!

Halloween in Downtown La Grange is on Saturday October 31, 2015 for lots of spooky fun. Have fun Trick-or- Treating at participating shops from 11am to 5pm and participate in a Costume Contest at 2pm on Walnut Street next to Rainy Day Resale.

Boo Dell at Yew Dell: Saturday, October 31, 2015, 11am-2pm Trail-o-Treats, 2-3pm Mr. Magic Performs. $5 per car-load or $1 per person walk-ins.

Take a Boo Sightseeing Cruise on the Belle of Louisville on October 31st from 11:30-2pm.

Fright Light Halloween Party at the Gheens Science Hall & Rauch Planetarium on October 31st from 12:30pm- 4:00pm.

Trick or Treat at Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass 2 - 5pm.

Grim Trails start September 18th and run until October 31st if you are looking for a scare! (Best for older children)

Halloween on Hillcrest is a legendary street for Halloween decorations in the Ville. If you are looking for a street to visit this Halloween, take a walk down Hillcrest to check out some of the most elaborate Halloween decorations you will find in any neighborhood in town.

Nightmare on Main Street by the Louisville Orchestra! Friday, October 30 at 8 pm at Kentucky Center. You are invited to wear your best costume and shiver to an evening of ghoulish, favorite music from movies, shows and orchestral pops!

Halloween Spooktacular on October 31 at Brown Theatre. Calling all ghosts and goblins! Principal Pops Conductor Bob Bernhardt and the Louisville Orchestra will perform Halloween musical tricks and treats for all boys and girls. Festive fall holiday crafts before the concert with spooky stories from the Louisville Free Public Library, and our Instrument Playground, kick off the fun. Best suited for ages 3 - 10. Pre-concert activities in the lobby at 10 am. Concert at 11 am.

Kentucky Festivals and Events

Kentucky is a state so enriched with interesting history and heritage, music and arts, sports and outdoors, there always seems to be a fun festival celebrating a Kentucky something or somebody.

The Kentucky Derby may be our best known event, but if you thought it was just a horse race — think again. The Kentucky Derby Festival, a multi-week celebration of the Kentucky Derby itself, offers festivities ranging from steamboat and hot air balloon races to marathons, celebrity events and the Thunder Over Louisville fireworks display.

Other cool Kentucky festivals include Owensboro's International Bar-B-Q Festival, London's World Chicken Festival, and the oldest bluegrass music festival in the state: Lexington's The Festival of the Bluegrass.

Murder Mystery Theater

Olive Hill Nov 06, 2015

Olive Hill Nov 07, 2015

Equine Treasures of the Bluegrass

May 1, 2014 - Nov 1, 2015

Downtown Holiday Preview

Nov 13 - Nov 14, 2015

Kentucky Railway Museum's Dining on the Rails

New Haven Nov 14, 2015

First Day Hike

Dawson Springs Nov 01, 2015

Dawson Springs Dec 01, 2015

Guided Historic Walking Tour

Henderson Nov 07, 2015

Weekly Bluegrass Jams

Bowling Green Oct 29, 2015

Bowling Green Nov 05, 2015

Bowling Green Nov 12, 2015

Bowling Green Nov 19, 2015

Bowling Green Nov 26, 2015

Outdoor Family Adventure

Nov 27 - Nov 28, 2015

Sheltowee Trace Hiker Challenge

Jan 23 - Dec 31, 2015

Thanksgiving Lunch Cruise

Louisville Nov 26, 2015

Light Up Louisville Moonlight Cruise

Louisville Nov 27, 2015

Ward Hall Open House

Nov 7 - Nov 8, 2015

Trekking Series Hike- Park Boundary Loop

Nov 28, 2015

Harvest Festival - Evans Orchard

Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2015

Annual Bi-Water Farm & Greenhouse Autumn Fest

Oct 10 - Nov 1, 2015

Family Nature Club : Take Back the Night

Jamestown Nov 17, 2015

A Camper's Thanksgiving

Nov 6 - Nov 8, 2015

Kentucky Railway Museum’s Civil War Train Robbery

Nov 7 - Nov 8, 2015

Car Part Art Exhibit

Bowling Green
Sep 18, 2015 - Jan 8, 2016

Kentucky Cup Football

Nov 21 - Nov 22, 2015

Christmas at the Galt House Hotel

Nov 19 - Dec 27, 2015

North American Livestock Exposition

Nov 3 - Nov 20, 2015

Festival of Trees & Lights

Nov 13 - Nov 15, 2015

The Berenstain Bears in Family Matters - Kidstuff Series

Owensboro Nov 20, 2015

Lights Under Louisville

Nov 20, 2015 - Jan 3, 2016

Christmas Parade - "A Bicentennial Christmas"

Owensboro Nov 21, 2015

Light Up Louisville

Louisville Nov 27, 2015

Native American Education Days

Nov 6 - Nov 7, 2015

Downtown Merchants Christmas Open House

Franklin Nov 08, 2015

The Blessing of the Hounds

Harrodsburg Nov 21, 2015

Fresh Food Adventures: Kentucky Wild

Harrodsburg Nov 21, 2015

Beeswax Candle and Soap Making Workshop

Harrodsburg Nov 28, 2015

The Holidays at Shaker Village

Nov 27 - Dec 31, 2015

Wall Together: The Color of My World

Aug 7, 2015 - Mar 5, 2016

From City to Country: Nineteenth-Century French Prints

Aug 7, 2015 - Jan 2, 2016

Fifth Third Bank's Dracula

Oct 24 - Nov 1, 2015

Fifth Third Bank's A Christmas Carol

Nov 24 - Dec 23, 2015

Kentucky National Park Pentathlon

Mammoth Cave
Jul 13, 2015 - Apr 1, 2017

Santa Train

Shelbiana Nov 21, 2015

Thodos Dance Chicago

Madisonville Nov 21, 2015

Exhibit - "Weaving in Kentucky: A Continuing Tradition"

Jul 17 - Nov 14, 2015

Kentucky Opera Presents Three Decembers

Nov 13 - Nov 15, 2015

Lee Ann Womack

Frankfort Nov 06, 2015

MET Opera Lulu

Frankfort Nov 21, 2015

Holiday Hop

Nov 21, 2015

Choral Masterpieces

Louisville Nov 01, 2015

Mill Springs Battlefield Annual Ghostwalk

Nov 07, 2015

Sheltowee Artisans 22nd Art Fair

Somerset Nov 14, 2015

Somerset Nov 15, 2015

Spirits Of Sawyer 2015


Nov 06, 2015

A Kentucky Cabin Christmas

Greensburg Nov 07, 2015

The Land of E.P.: A History Hike

Louisville Nov 12, 2015

Tea Tuesdays at Waveland

Lexington Oct 27, 2015

Lexington Nov 03, 2015

Lexington Nov 10, 2015

Lexington Nov 17, 2015

Lexington Nov 24, 2015

River's Edge International Film Festival

Nov 5 - Nov 8, 2015

White Christmas - The Exhibit

Nov 5, 2015 - Jan 30, 2016

Full Moon Climb

Alexandria Oct 27, 2015

Alexandria Nov 25, 2015

Exhibit: "It Takes Two: Collaborations by Kentucky Artisans" at KY Artisan Center

Sep 19, 2015 - Feb 27, 2016

The Little Mermaid Jr.

Nov 20 - Nov 22, 2015

Sculptor Mike McCarthy Carves Stone Nov. 14 at Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea

Nov 14, 2015

Artist Dick Dougherty Demonstrates Watercolors Nov. 7 at Kentucky Artisan Center

Nov 07, 2015

Free Guided Gallery Tours Nov. 14 at Kentucky Artisan Center

Nov 14, 2015

Berea Welcome Center Carvers Demonstrate Nov. 21 at Kentucky Artisan Center

Nov 21, 2015

Jason Kelty to Demonstrate Stone Carving Nov. 28 at Kentucky Artisan Center

Nov 28, 2015

Southern Lights Stroll

Lexington Nov 19, 2015

US Dressage Finals

Nov 5 - Nov 8, 2015

Snowbird Dressage

Lexington Nov 21, 2015

Oleika Shriners Rodeo

Nov 20 - Nov 21, 2015

Southern Lights - Presented by the KHP Foundation

Nov 20 - Dec 31, 2015

Holiday Toy Trains

Nov 15, 2015 - Jan 17, 2016

Mrs. Lincoln's Salon: "Her Form Inclines To Stoutness"

Lexington Nov 12, 2015

Elk Viewing Tour

Prestonsburg Oct 24, 2015

Prestonsburg Oct 25, 2015

Prestonsburg Oct 31, 2015

Prestonsburg Nov 07, 2015

Prestonsburg Nov 07, 2015

Prestonsburg Nov 28, 2015

A Breeders' Cup Collection

Oct 21 - Nov 8, 2015

Treasures from the Farm

Oct 21 - Nov 8, 2015

PTK Sunburst Youth Theatre Presents "Twelfth Night"

Bowling Green Nov 12, 2015

Bowling Green Nov 13, 2015

Bowling Green Nov 14, 2015

Bowling Green Nov 15, 2015