5 Major Religions


Buddha is the god, there is no books that Buddhists read.

Uposatha is one major holiday, This day is known as observance day, there are four holy days on the New Moon, Full Moon, and quarter moon days every month.

It is neither, Buddhism is an atheistic religion and has many doctrines that are in opposition with Christianity.

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What is Buddhism? How is it Distinctive from other religions?


Hindus believe in thousands of gods, and they have their own religious book call the Gita.

One major holiday/festival is Holi - festival of colors and spring (February-March)

Hindus have one Supreme Being called Brahman.

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World Religions: Hinduism


Christians read their holy book called the Bible.

Their major god is Jesus

One major holiday

One major holiday is Easter. This is the day in which Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is remembered. Because it is such a happy occasion and it also marks the end of six weeks of Lent, it is associated with excess consumption of foods – hence the tradition of giving and getting chocolate treats.

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What is Christianity?


Another word of Islam is Muslim.

Muslims read their holy book called the Quran.

They believe in Allah which means god in Arabic.

Eid Al-fitr is one of the major Muslim holidays which you have to fast for a month.

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What is Islam?


Judaism has their holy book called the Torah.

The Judaism god has several names.

Rosh Hashanah is one big major holiday which is the Jewish new year.

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What is Judaism? Video