Volcanic Eruptions

By: Qaim Abbas, Period 2, November 17, 2014

Long Term

A long term effect is deforestation and destruction of wildlife. It can take decades and decades for trees to grow. After an eruption a entire forest will have to be regrown.

Also, the clouds will be full of dark ash. As an effect the sun will be blocked.



The average time for an environment to recover can range from 40 years to a century. The area around Mount St. Helens is still recover for the passed 30 years. The lava destroys all the vegetation and trees. Though after cooling off it makes the soil very rich.


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Short term

A short term effect is hot burning ash that is at ground level that moves like a volcanic avalanche burning and destroying everything in its way. Eventually the ash moves upwards into the clouds which causes a long term effect.


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How do Birds Adapt To The Environment?

Plants have adapted to volcano eruptions by using the ashes as a fertilizer. This makes the soil very rich. Also plants have learned to adapt so that they can break down rocks and decompose them. This is used because most of the other organisms were destroyed in the lava.