Recount Stories

I can recount stories.

Read the story below.

A Field Trip

At the City Museum, Mr. Latham showed the third graders a map and said, "Stay with your partner in the dinosaur exhibit. Don't go to other exhibits. We will meet again at 10 o'clock.

Rich turned to his partner Felix and said, "I can enjoy dinosaurs and history, but I'd really like to see the racecar exhibit."

"Me too," agreed Felix.

Rich and Felix didn't know it, but Mr. Latham heard what they said. For the next hour, everyone looked around the dinosaur room. At the same time, Mr. Latham kept an eye on RIch and Felix. Rich and Felix liked the dinosaurs, but then they passed the big open doorway to the racecar exhibit. They peeked in but didn't go in. Mr. Latham was proud of them.

At 10 o'clock, the class met. "Now we'll go to a different exhibit," said Mr. Latham. "Rich and Felix, will you pick one?"

"The racecar exhibit!" they both said. Mr. Latham just smiled.

Your Task

Use the strategy Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then to recount the above story.