God of the Sun

Helios is pictured like Jesus Christ, with a billowing robe. He drives a chariot pulled by horses across the shy everyday seeing all that happens on earth. During the night, Helios sails the ocean in a huge cup.


  • son of Hyperion and Theia
  • wife is Rhode the nymph of the Islands of Rhode
  • the father of Aeëtes, Circe, Pasiphae, Phaethusa, Lampetia and Phaeton
  • grandfather to Lindos, Laysis and Camiros


Zeus gave Helios the sun because he was absent in the dividing of the worlds. He sees everything that happens on Earth and is the most powerful on the Island of Rodes because he married the nymph of Rodes. He had many children and let one of them drive is chariot but the chariot got out of control and the child fell to his death on Earth.
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