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Principal's Message


So much has happened in the last month! I know that is the understatement of the year. I want to thank you all for the grace you have shown us as we move from the brick and mortar of our school to an online learning platform. We are all learning this together.

As a parent of school age children that are using the google classroom platform myself, I have found it challenging to navigate at times. Often they are better at it than I am. So if you are having frustration, know that you are not alone.

We care so much more about students being able to stay connected with each other, their teacher and the school than we do about academics during this cancellation time. If your student is able to get to two or three google meets per week (they can join these by phone as well) that is the most important.

We want you all to know we care about each of you and connecting in this way allows students to feel that, even if it just. a little bit.

Finally, I want to thank you all for all the efforts you are putting out to support your student, and to assure you all that we will meet students where they are next fall and keep them moving forward. That is our job! No student will come to us ahead of where they should be and no student will come to us behind where they should be!

Mr. Fisher

Time Commitment for On line learning

At Joseph Gale we are focusing our key learning time, "our must do" time on reading and math.

Here are the total amount of time your child should be spending on the "must do" sections of distance learning:

At the most

Kinder and first - 45 minutes a day

2nd and 3rd - 60 minutes a day

4th grade - 90 minutes a day

If your student reaches these time frames please feel free to stop, even if they are not finished with the activity. You can find these activities in your student's home room teacher's class.

We also provide supplementary activities to your children. These activities we are calling "may dos". Things in these areas may include: ELD, reading interventions, PE, music, etc. Some of these activities will be listed in the student's home room class and some may be in individual specials classes. The supplemental activities are optional and should not be worked on more than two hours a day.

Please do not get into conflicts with your students about classwork. It looks very different at home than it does at school. Your teachers or I are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. Don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Create a Schedule

It may be helpful for you and your student to create a schedule for them to follow while we are doing distance learning.

Sample Schedule:

Wake up

Eat Breakfast

Play 30 min

School 15 - 45 minutes


School 15-45 minutes

Play outside - 60 minutes

Lunch - 40 minutes

School - 15 - 45 minutes

I did not put times on this sample schedule because each family is different as to the times you can support your child with what they may need for on line learning support. Each family may have an entirely different schedule. The important part is to try to have one.

4th Grade Celebration

One of the questions I have been asked is about celebrating the end of the Joe Gale career for our 4th graders. While we may not be able to have a traditional "graduation" for them, rest assured we are beginning to plan how we can celebrate them. Look for more details as we get closer to the end of the year.

Free Breakfast and Lunch

We are still serving grab and go breakfasts and lunches at Joseph Gale. Every day from 10-12 you can come to the cafeteria doors to get a bagged breakfast and a bagged lunch. I hope you are taking advantage of this opportunity.


You may also find a link to our monthly newsletter on our website here.