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Money Madness

We are going to be finishing up our money unit this week with a test on Tuesday, October 20th! Below are links to a few activities you can print off and do at home with your students to practice for the test. Also, money games "Let's Make a Dollar" and "Let's Make Twenty Dollars". The twenty dollar sheet is an extra challenge. They may need extra help on what to do to get all the way to twenty. They are fun games we didn't get a chance to do as a class, but your student would enjoy playing them with you. Make it a race to see who wins!

What you will need to play:


*Have them just draw the coins on the paper and cross them off when they trade in for the next amount.

Mental Addition

We will be working on adding two digit by two digit numbers in our next math topic!


Last week we had a blast learning and reading our story, Scarcity. It discussed when a hurricane hit Florida and ruined orange tree plants and then oranges were scarce. The effect of the hurricane was that since the oranges were scarce the price went up at the store.

It was exciting being able to take it to another level and talk about supply and demand. We discussed that halloween items are at a high value right now, but after halloween what will happen to those high prices? They are going to get lower since people aren't wanting halloween decorations anymore. Our Watchdogs came in that day and shared a story with our class. He stated in 1996, an Elmo toy was in huge demand. Everyone wanted to have the Elmo toy. That year he told us that one Elmo toy sold in California for $3,000 dollars. He also shared that year for Christmas he received one of those Elmo's and he currently still owns it. It is great to have our Watchdogs contribute to our learning!

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Our Watchdogs read a brand-new book to us called Clark the Shark.
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Story of the Week

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Story Concepts

  • Cause and Effect
  • Story Structure: setting, plot, and characters


  • bought
  • probably
  • people
  • pleasant
  • scared
  • shall
  • sign

Amazing Words

  • partnership
  • survival
  • struggle
  • familiar
  • solution
  • miserable
  • depend
  • insist

Spelling- Plurals

This week we are going to be looking at plurals with -s and -es and when a y is changed to i before adding es to make it plural. We will be making a spelling list on Monday. Please check for it to come home Monday evening!

Science- Habitats and Living and Non-Living Things

This week we will be wrapping up our habitats unit with a test on Thursday October 22nd. Below are a few thing you can review together, I put a link to my Prezi's so you can see what the students saw when I taught the lesson. I have attached a google doc form that is a review of things we have been talking about in class that you can talk about at home!

Below is a song that all the students enjoyed about animal adaptations!

Animal Adaptations - REPOST

Up Coming Dates

October 20th- Cook's Night Out at Dickey's BBQ 5:00-9:00

October 30th- Fall Celebration 2:15 p.m.

Zootastic Fun!

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