Randall Middle School

Newsletter, November 2022

News From the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We had an exciting October at Randall Middle School. As you know, it’s our mission to ensure high levels of learning for all students and adults. Our students are engaged in deep learning in many formats throughout each day. It’s amazing to see the amount of growth our students are making. Our Student-Led Conferences are a great opportunity for your student to share their progress and the goals they’ve set for themselves. Hopefully your student was able to show you their Evidence of Learning Portfolios and explain the evidence that they’ve selected to show their learning. As we look to November, many of our ELA and Math classes will be starting new units, and students will be continuing with high levels of learning with different learning targets. As classes move on to new units, we don’t forget about the previous units. Your students’ teachers and support staff continue to work with learning goals from those units to ensure additional time and support is spent reaching proficiency. If your student is already proficient in the learning goals from those units, our teachers and support staff are providing opportunities for extension with that learning.

Has your student mentioned SEL? SEL, standing for Social Emotional Learning, is an academic area that we continue to refine to ensure we have direct, explicit instruction for all students. This year, we are using a new curriculum resource to support SEL. Similar to academics, we have staff supporting students who need more time and support to master our SEL standards.

Have you heard about our gaga pit? We’ve been having difficulty with students coming to school too early and staying after school to play in our gaga pit. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the luxury of staffing our gaga pit before and/or after school for students to play. Due to the amount of incidents involving students coming to school too early or staying late, our gaga pit is locked up except during recess during the school day. Please ensure your student does not come to school early. Students should be arriving no earlier than 8:10 am. Please ensure your student does not stay after school to “hang out” with friends. If they wish to do this, please ensure your student does this at your home or another location other than Randall’s blacktop. Students who are classified as walkers should be leaving the campus at dismissal at 3:15.

Thank you for supporting the safety of our school community by honoring these times.

We wish you a fantastic November!

With Purple Tiger Pride,

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News From the Nurse

The chill is in the air! As the winter air sets in this means it is time to layer up! Staying warm and dry will help to fight illness, and allow everyone to enjoy all that this time of year has to offer!

Business wise:

1. Vision screening will be done by the Lions Club November 2nd! “Thank you” to the volunteers who make this a reality!

2. Karen Tabel, NP (with Guthrie Medical Center) is at Randall every Thursday morning performing mandated student physicals. She is also available should students need to be seen for acute or chronic illness. Please reach out to the health office @ 758-4174 should you wish for your child to take advantage of this service!

As always take care and stay well!

Nurse Neuman


PTO News

Our Randall Middle School PTO is running a Cortland Tigers/Randall Middle School apparel order through 11/9/22. The website is: https://www.storessimple.com/bernards/groups.php under “Cortland Webstore 2022” and the password is CHS. You can select either Cortland Tigers or Randall Middle School apparel. You can also select to have your order shipped to Randall Middle School for your student to bring home, or for pick up at Bernards Custom Logo on Main St in Cortland in case your order includes holiday gifts that you don’t want your student to see.

Our Randall Middle School PTO is also running a CoffeeMania fund raiser from November 16 through November 30. The delivery of the orders will be on December 15 in order to allow the coffee to be gifts for the December holidays.

Shout out to our Randall Middle School PTO for supporting our school activities. Most recently, the PTO provided donuts, cider, and pumpkins for our Harvest Day festivities on 10/31.

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Music News

~Corinne Bennett

November lesson schedule is here

Fun event: On October 13th, some members of the high school band came to visit the 5th grade band during rehearsal! The high school students played for the 5th graders and shared some words of wisdom as well!

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~Allison Capano

Our Randall Orchestra students have a new opportunity to join our

Randall Middle Fiddle Club after school on Mondays with Miss Rebecca Miller, the Cortland Jr./Sr. High School Orchestra director (grades 7th-12th). We will also have some junior and senior high orchestra students join us for some fiddle fun!

All Randall Orchestra students will be included in the Randall Winter Concert on Dec. 7th at Cortland HS. (No beginners at this time.)

We will also be performing for the All District Orchestra Concert on Dec. 15th at Cortland HS. Please let Mrs. Capano know if you have any questions at acapano@cortlandschools.org or call (607) 758-4170.


Physical Education

~Luke Schweider/Austin Harriger

Randall students have just completed their soccer and football units where they had a chance to practice fundamental skills and gameplay. Starting this month, students will take part in a Fitness unit and our famous Volleyball Sport Ed unit.



~Amber Thayer

Reminder: December 7th @6:00pm is our Randall Winter Concert at the High School. This includes Bands, Choruses and Orchestras

Students have been using various music skills to play xylophones. This includes reading and playing chords, improvising and following iconic and standard notation. Our 5th grade students have been working on writing their own blues songs.

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~Nicole Evans

We just finished our first library research projects for the trimester! Our fifth graders learned and created posters about an endangered animal of their choice, and sixth graders created a new company and advertisement based around Greek Mythology! In the next few weeks we will start working on exploring careers in sixth grade and fairy tales in fifth!

We have also worked on some really awesome makerspace projects, including “God’s Eyes”, perler beads, PixBrix, and a stick together collage. So much making!



~Danielle Beltz

In the art studio, we’ve been learning about color schemes and creating paper mosaics!


P2 For Families

It has been a busy month for P2! We have addressed the following traits: open-mindedness, integrity and creativity.

Did you know that lots of wonderful P2 family resources can be accessed from your own home? Each character strength follows a 1-1-3 model: 1 quote, 1 video, and 3 questions to drive conversations around character with Please check out

https://posproject.org/p2-for-families/6-8/ The password is P2.



~The Number Ninjas

These 5th grade students, hard at work in the math gymnasium, use manipulatives to regroup while finding differences of whole numbers.
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Bullying Prevention Month

~Christina Hegedus

This month the 5th and 6th graders have been doing an amazing job during our lessons. The lessons for the 5th grade for the month of October was about bullying, as October is Bullying Prevention Month. Each class is creating a chain of why they stand up to bullying. In 6th grade they learned about the brain’s ability to grow and change when they practice challenging things.
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5th Grade ELA

In 5th grade English Language Arts, we have just wrapped up our unit on writing excellent personal narratives. Students spent a lot of time planning for and working on writing in this unit and have selected one story to edit and publish. In our second unit we will be using Social Studies content, Ancient Civilizations, to write an informational piece comparing the Aztec, Maya and Inca.


October Garden Club

We were lucky enough to have two community volunteers, Mr. Donald Chu (CECSD BOE Member) and Mrs. Diane Chu, organize an October Garden Club for Randall. We had a “secret garden” on the cafeteria side of Randall that had become overrun with weeds. The Chus and our October Garden Club, consisting of 8 students, explored the garden bed and learned about the different kinds of plants that were already in the garden. They made choices about which plants to keep and which to pull. They opted to pull out a giant wild rose bush, and Mr. Adams was able to help with this big job. The students weeded, leaving the hostas, crocuses, irises and milkweed and prepared to plant bulbs. The club planted peonies in the rose bush's place and daffodil bulbs in the southeast corner. They added fertilizer, and Mrs. Chu explained the significance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The students suggested purple chrysanthemums, so five small plants were planted, which they hope will survive over the winter. A small rose of sharon was planted in the center which has been shielded from the cold with burlap.

We are so grateful for the help of Mr. and Mrs Chu as they volunteer their time to teach the students about gardening, all while making our garden bed so beautiful!


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