Welcome to Week 6

Diversity in Communication

Diversity in the Workplace

Today's workplace is made up of different cultures, races, and ethnicities. While we strive to embrace our identities and other cultures—we sometimes face the challenges of learning to work and understand each other better. Whether there is a language barrier or misunderstanding of customs, we need to keep an open mind and learn to communicate to benefit our organizations or businesses. This week's lesson will help us learn how these differences can create challenges, but also through discussion we can learn how to create an open and understanding work environment.
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This Week's Objectives


  • Diversity in the Workplace


  • Chapter 5 p. 80-100
  • Chapter 12 p. 236-281


  • Discussion Board: Analyze scholarly articles from an EBSCOhost database and dialog about inclusion, communication, harmony, and conflict in a diverse workplace
  • Assignment: Create a research-based presentation that relates to cultural sensitivity in the workplace. It must include a visual / graphic component.
  • Quiz: Five true-false and multiple-choice questions in which students demonstrate their understanding of lecture content.
  • Weekly Reflection

Due: Saturday